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Peoria, /////I o is 


Bilt-Well has stood as a measuring stick for 
the millwork industry of this country ever 
since 1866. Leadership has been maintained 
during these seventy-one years in quality, 
technique and design. With this unusual 
length of service in mind, we have issued 
this latest book of Bilt-Well Designs as a 
Celebration Number dedicated to thousands 
of Architects who have specified Bilt-Well 
Millwork, to thousands of Builders who have 
installed it, and the millions of American 
families living in Bilt-Well furnished homes 
as well as the millions we hope will build 
them in the future. 

This year, which carries us into a new era, 
finds us looking forward with renewed con- 
fidence to further satisfactory and pleasant 
relations with our business associates. 
Deeply appreciative of generous patronage 
in the past, and mindful of developments 
already on the way, we present for your 
consideration the most up-to-date and best 
balanced designs ever offered in the history 
of this company. 







That "the front entrance creates 
the first impression" is carefully 
considered in preparing the de- 
signs shown on Pages 18 to 41. 
Beautiful entrances and doors of 
authentic architectural design to 
meet the most exacting taste are 
illustrated in groups according to 
architectural style so that the ar- 
chitect, the builder, and the home 
owner may be assisted in mak- 
ing a selection in the desired 
classification with utmost confi- 
dence that their choice will be 
in harmony with the style of the 
building contemplated. 


"BiH - Well" Doors — invit- 
ing — harmonious — -enduring 


Due to their size and prominent location, 
windows are of vast importance to the 
exterior appearance of the house or apart- 
ment. A wide selection of Bilt-Well de- 
signs of windows are shown in complete 
settings on Pages 45 to 54 and are offered 
as suggestions for architecturally correct 
adaptations. These, when carefully se- 
lected, will enhance the exterior as well 
as the interior beauty. Bilt-Well Case- 
ments, Windows, and Shutters are of the 
most widely accepted lines, and this is an 
indication of the high standard of qual- 
ity being offered, made possible only 
through completely equipped factories. 
Master craftsmen and modern machinery 
are engaged in their production, assuring 
efficiency, accuracy, and uniformity. 


Open wide the window when 
the air is calm and pleasant 


Porches are very desirable adjuncts to the 
complete house or apartment, and when 
trimmed with Bilt-Well porch parts will add 
greatly to the appearance. 

Bilt-Well has perfected porch parts of good 
proportion and correct architectural de- 
sign, which are not surpassed by any other 
line. These designs will be of invaluable 
assistance to the architect in designing this 
prominent part of the house or apartment. 


For the goiden days of 
beautiful summer weather 


Just as Bilt-Well Exterior Doors 
give character to the entrance, so 
do Bilt-Well Interior Doors make 
a beautiful, decorative effect for 
interiors. In addition to their un- 
usual beauty, Bilt-Well doors give 
long satisfactory service, because 
of the scientific processes em- 
ployed in their manufacture. 

Bilt-Well standards are main- 
tained uniformly month after 
month, and year after year, al- 
ways assuring a high standard 
of quality in both workmanship 
and materials. 


Interior Doors correctly chosen, 
add charm to their surroundings 


The designs of mantels and man- 
tel shelves which are illustrated 
on Pages 93 to 98 are outstanding 
examples of excellent design, fine 
workmanship, and good mate- 
rial. They give the owner great 
pride and are ideal for that prom- 
inent position in the center of 
things which they occupy. 



He who builds a home, erects a temple 
The flame upon the hearth is the sacred fire 


I - ■ 


Beauty and utility are success- 
fully combined in the manufac- 
ture of Bi It- Well Cabinetwork. 
These artful pieces of Cabinet- 
work are perfectly proportioned 
and combine superior construc- 
tion, the result of careful plan- 
ning, with a regard for the utmost 
in convenience and adornment 
for the interior. 

Those who know Bilt-Well qual- 
ity, know that high grade mate- 
rials and fine workmanship are 
assured with the xv Bilt-Well" 



"Bilt - Well" Millwork — a 
product of master craftsmen 



These modern designs create 
efficient labor-saving kitchens, 
thereby making good housekeep- 
ing a pleasure. They are scien- 
tifically constructed of carefully 
selected materials and are as- 
sembled by master craftsmen. 

The designing has been ap- 
proached not only from the angle 
of utility and compactness but 
also from the standpoint of beau- 
tifying the kitchen. The apart- 
ment as well as the house of 
today demands this labor-saving 

109 TO 124, INCLUSIVE. 





A _ _ : _ 



The stairway is one of the most 
important features in the home 
because of the prominent posi- 
tion it occupies. Since its design 
often indicates the architectural 
style of the home, it should be 
carefully chosen. 

Bilt-Well Stairs are carefully 
planned, and then properly con- 
structed with exact precision by 
experienced craftsmen. 

Suggestions on Pages 125 to 134 
are "Colonial", "English", and 
"Modern - American", Styles of 

Additional beautiful designs may 
be economically assembled from 
the wide selection of Bilt-Well 
Stair Parts. 



Attractive Colonial 

A pleasing note of charm, beauty, and dignity 
is possessed by these two Colonial entrances 
Their practical advantages are well combined 
with their attractive appearance. Any Colonial 
design of "Bilt-Weir door may be used with 
these entrances. Manufactured m Clear Soft 
Fine KD semi-assembled. Oak sill 1%" thick 
Standardized for wood siding, stucco or brick 
veneered walls. Furnished in the white 

V>J i 

Entrance — I 
Door — B 

Sidelights— B 
Standardized for 3'-0" x 7'-0" door 
Available in other standard sizes' 

Dimensions of BW-2500 - Sidelights 9%" 
glass area 6" x 4'-l». R ough opening ^ 
7-4" high. BW-2332 door 1%'< thick. St( 
si 2 es-2'-8" x 6'-8«; 2'-8" x 7'-0"; 3'-0" x 6'-8 
3'^0" x 7'-0". Stiles 4ft w (these doors en 
mshed with 5 T L" st il es when specified), 1 
Rail 8 T y, and Lock Rail 8%". 3" Muntin 

Entrance —BW-2506 
Door —BW-2332 

Sidelights— BW-2474 
Transom — BW-2845 

Standardized for 3'-0" x 6'-8" door 
Available in other standard sizes.' 

Dimensions of BW-2506 - Sidelights 10" 1 
6%" x 4'-0" glass area each. Rough ope 
5'-4" wide, 8'-3i/ 4 « high. Transom 5'-l" x 


Bill-Weil Colonial 
That Reflect 
Good Taste 

These designs and all other Bilt-Well entrances 
have the essential qualities of correct propor- 
tions and proper balance that reflect good 
taste. Sidelights, door, and frame combined 
have the uniformity which gives symmetry to 
the entrance. Another door may be selected 
from this Colonial section for use with these 

Suitable for frame, brick veneer or solid ma- 
sonry construction. Furnished in Clear Soft 
Pine except Oak sill, 1%" thick. KD semi- 
assembled. In the white. 

Entrance — BW-2516 
Door — BW-2332 

Sidelights— BW-2476 

iStandardized for 3'-0" x 7'-0" door. 
'Available in other standard sizes. 

Dimensions of Entrance BW-2516— Sidelights 10" 
wide. Rough opening required B'-O" x 7'-53/ 8 ". 

Entrance — BW-2522 
Door —BW-2332 

Sidelights— BW-2478 
Transom — BW-2846 

Standardized for 3'-0" x 6'-8" door. 

Available in other standard sizes. 

)imensions of Entrance BW-2522— BW-2478 side- 
ights 10" wide, glass area 6l/ 2 " x 4'-l". BW-2846 
ransom 3'-l" x l'-l", glass area 29" x 9y 2 ". 
augh opening required 5'-4" x 8'-3". BW-2332 
oor 13/ 4 » thick. Stiles 4 ft" (these doors are 
lmished with 5 T 'j" stiles when specified), Bot- 
)m Rail 8 T y, and Lock Rail 8i/ 2 ". 

Bilt-Well Colonial 
Entrances that 
Bespeak Beaoty 

Elaborate ornamentation combined with 
simple lines give richness as well as spe- 
cific beauty to these Colonial entrances 

Manufactured of Clear Soft Pine with Oak sill 
KD semi-assembled. In the white. Required 
rough opening for BW-2528 5'-8« x 7'-4i/ 2 BW 

stes Gla k " *S AValIabIe in ***** 
sizes. Glass area of 3'-0" x 7'-0", door 26" x 50" 

Shies and Topsail 5 T V\ Bottom Rail 9*- ' 

Overall dimensions of BW-2534 5'-6" wide 10' 4" 

dot's iw Hfo k "sXfiinr"- Bw - 234 ° 

f. .l . btlIes 4 tV these doors are 

£"£?(£? 5 ^", s,il f wh6n ■"«"«). ^ 

turn nan d T5 , and Lock Rail filA" m 

24" v l03/» < oT«» /2 ' GIcf 3s area 

S-V^X" 6 8 " *~ (4A " — '■ 


Entrance —BW-2528 
Door — BW-23I6 

Sidelights — BW-2480 

Standardized for 3'-0" x 7'-0" door 
Available in other standard sizes' 

The flexible feature of Entrance BW-2534 is a 
new But-Well idea evolved primarily fo e L" 
greater savings in production which in turn 
are reflected in the selling pn Ce . The opening 

L*anaT ******** * *" ****** 

door and the pilasters are reversible, plain on 

one side and fluted on the other. This dual 
Kexibihty, in design and dimension, is a dfsUnc 
advantage from the standpoint of both ^ 
oility and economy. "upia 

Entrance— BW-2534 
Door — BW-2340 

Bilt-Well Colonial 
Entrances of 
Hare Beauty 

May be used in brick veneer, frame or solid 
masonry walls. Clear Soft Pine. Oak sill. KD 
semi-assembled. In the white. BW-2538 is con- 
structed to permit an adjustable door open- 
ing for 2'-8", 3'-0" and 3'-4" widths. Reversible 
pilasters. BW-2354 Door 1%" thick, glass area 
271/2" x 241/2" for 3'-0" x 6'-8" door (4 T y stiles). 
Stiles and Top Rail 4 T S 5 " (this door is furnished 
with 5 T ' 5 " stiles when specified), Bottom Rail 9^". 

BW-2540 standardized for 3'-0" x 6'-8" door. BW- 
2334 door is 1%" thick, Stiles and Top Rail 4 T \" 
{this door is furnished with 5 T ^" stiles when 
specified). Bottom Rail 8 T y, Lock Rail 8y 2 ". 
Standard sizes 2'-8" x 6'-8"; 2'-8" x 7'-0"; 3'-0" 
x 6'-8"; and 3'-0" x 7'-0". Glass area of transom 
32" x 16". 

BW-2544 is constructed to permit an adjustable 
door opening for 2'-8", 3'-0" and 3'-4" widths. 
Reversible pilasters. BW-2318 door 13/ 4 " thick. 
Available in standard sizes. Glass area 271/2 " 
x 37%" for 3'-0" x 6'-8" door (4 T \" stiles). Stiles 
4-rV" (this door is furnished with 5 T ' 5 " stiles when 
specified). Bottom Rail S-X", Lock Rail 7W. 

Entrance— BW-2538 
Door —BW-2354 

Entrance— BW-2540 
Door — BW-2334 
Transom — BW-2847 

Entrance — BW-2544 
Door —BW-2318 


Entrance— BW-2548 
Door — BW-Z356 

Entrance— BW-2552 
Door — BW-2350 

Beautiful Colonial 

The value of these Colonial designs is en- 
hanced by the fact that they are reproduc- 
tions of early Colonial entrances from the 
New England states. Manufactured of 
Clear Soft Pine with Oak sill BW-2548 is 
standardized for 3'-0" x 7'-0" size of door. 
BW-2356 door 1%" thick. Glass area 21" 
x 291/4" for 3'-0" x 7'-0" door (5 T ' S " stiles). 
Stiles and Top Rail 5 T V", Bottom Rail 9 T ' g ". 
Standard sizes 2'-8" x 6'-8"; 2'-8" x 7'-0"- 
3'-0" x 6'-8"; and 3'-0" x 7'-0". 

BW-2552 is constructed to permit an ad- 
justable door opening for 2'-8", 3'-0" and 
3'-4" widths. Reversible pilasters, BW- 
2350 door 13/ 4 " thick. Available in stand- 
ard sizes. Glass area 27 1/ 2 " x 413/ 4 " for 
3'-0" x 7'-0" door (4 T y stiles) 27 V2" x 403/ 4 ". 
Stiles and Top Rail 4 T 5 5 " (this door is fur- 
nished with 5 T ' S " stiles when specified), 
Bottom Rail 9 T ' S ". 

BW-2556 is constructed to permit an ad- 
justable door opening for 2'-8", 3'-0" 
and 3'-4" widths. Reversible pilasters. 
BW-2338 door 1%" thick. Glass size (4 T \" 
stiles) 121/8" x 7" each. Stiles and Top 
Rails 4 T y (this door is furnished with 5 T V" 
stiles when specified), Bottom Rail 9 T ' 5 ", 
and Lock Rail 7y 8 ". 


"i '> " 

<. .1 ,, v v 

». ft * 1 


Entrance— BW-2556 
Door —BW-2338 

Entrance— BW-2560 
Door — BW-2332 
Transom — BW-2848 

Entrance— BW-2564 
Door — BW-2336 

Bilt-Well Cnlonial 
Entrances of 
Authentic Design 

These entrances derive their beauty from 
the simplicity of Colonial designs. The 
neatly shaped casings and the impressive 
doors give the combination a stately and 
true Colonial appearance. 

Furnished in Clear Soft Pine with Oak 
sill. KD semi-assembled. In the white. 
BW-2560 is standardized for 3'-0" x 6'-8" 
door. Required rough opening 3'-3'/4" x 
o'-OI/b". BW-2334 door L%" thick. Avail- 
able in standard sizes. Stiles and Top 
Rail 4 T y (this door is furnished with 5 T ' 5 " 
stiles when specified), Bottom Rail 8 T 5 5 ", 
and Lock Rail 8l/ 2 ". BW-2848 transom 95/ 8 " 
high, glass area 32" x 6" divided by 4 

BW-2564 is constructed to permit an ad- 
justable door opening for 2'-8", 3'-0" and 
3'-4" widths. Reversible pilasters. BW- 
2336 door l 3 /4" thick. Available in stand- 
ard sizes. Stiles and Top Rail 4j\" (this 
door is furnished with SjV stiles when 
specified), Bottom Rail 8 T 5 S " and Lock Rail 
8l/ 2 ". Glass area (A-\" stiles) 12%" x 7" 
each (3'-0" x 7'-0" door). 

BW-2568 is standardized for 3'-0" x 7'-0" 
door. Required rough opening 3'-3 1 /j" x 
7'-4l/ 8 ". BW-2342 door 1%" thick. Glass 
area 27 W' x 13%" (3'-0" x 7'-0" door). 
Standard sizes 2'-8" x 6'-8"; 2'-8" x 7'-0"; 
3'-0" x 6'-8"; and 3'-0" x 7'-0". Stiles and 
Top Rail 5 T ' S ", and Bottom Rail 9-jV'. 

Entrance— BW-2568 
Door —BW-2342 
Frame — BW-2710 


Bilt-Well Designs 
of Colonial Entrances 

A beautiful array of unusual designs are offered on this 

from CfaS? in / he reSPSCt thQt they are « uite r — d 
from the frequent sameness existing in Colonial designs 

indi* d °u°m y one °' these attrac,iTC «*T~ "-Si 

glass area 26 'i 37%» AS R^H 3 ""el, 7 '" " sizes ' '%" *icfc 
Bottom Rail 9A" Stiles and Top Rail 5^". 

BW-2574 is standardized for 3'-0" x 6'-8" Hnor R' 9" :j / 

o se o o! c coi umn ? 3 R - 21/4 ". pr — (?-- ou,;de w ;ou e g L c wai; 

BW? 1 rL-? eqUlred mu 9 h opening 3'-3y 4 " x 7'-0V?' 

x «*• for 3* I? v R' "S« 5 6 8 L a s n , d 3 ;°" x 7 '-°"- GI «^ area 27l/ 2 " 

furni hed with 5*-" stiles°wh^ ' "t^i S ^ GS 4tV ' (,his door ^ 
Lock Rail 3?r specified), Bottom Rail 9 T L", and 

Wt^x^ « »« ™3 

w!ZlL n nS?lp. sizes — • as <*-■ s <" Top 3 & 

Entrance— BW-2572 . 
Door — BW-2346 


Entrance — BW-2578 
Door — BW-2352 

Entrance — BW-2574 
Door — BW-2348 

Entrance— BW-2582 
Door — BW-2294 
Frame — BW-2714 

Colonial Designs of 
Bilt-Well Entrances 

The attractive entrances illustrated on this 
page consist of authentic Colonial trimmings 
and will add much to the beauty of the home. 

Clear Soft Pine Porchwork, Doors, and Frame includ- 
ing Sill, projecting 2'-5 ! /2" from outside wall line to 
center of post. Distance from center to center of out- 
side posts is 6'-4 V2"- Height from platform to top of 
gable 10'-6%", Width over-all 7'-0%". Depth 2'-9{^", 
10%" between posts at front, 2'-2" between columns 
at side. Columns 3" square. Entrance BW-2582 in- 
cludes posts, lattice and facia. Frame BW-2714 in- 
cludes half circle panel casing, sill, and apron. Frames 
BW-2710 and BW-2718 are standardized for either brick 
veneer, stucco, or wood siding. Furnished with or 
without sill and with or without drip cap. Doors BW- 
2290, BW-2292, and BW-2294 are 1%" thick. Standard 
sizes — 3'-0" x 6'-8" or 3'-0" x 7'-0". Glass area of 
3'-0" x 6'-8" door 26" x 46". Stiles and Top Rails 5 T ' 5 ", 
Bottom Rail 9 T y, and Lock Rail 7'/ 8 ". 

Entrance— BW-2586 
Door — BW-2290 
Frame —BW-2710 

Entrance— BW-2590 
Door —BW-2292 
Frame —BW-2718 


Modern American Designs 
Bilt-Well Entrances 

•These illustrations offer suggestions for attractive en- 
trances. All may be chosen with absolute certainty that 
the design the construction, and the durability are of a 

nJSS 5T i d A nSW , m ° dem Q PPearance is accom- 
piisried by the narrow-line-trim frames. Hood BW-2690 
may be used with any Bilt-Well Door illustrated. 

?nL^lJ [ Tv^ D s . em J: a »°mbled. In the white. Hood:- 

ssur sit bf ftrg-2? s^HSF m 

sizes ?' 8" v R' R" „r 7' n» ' JlJr™ % „, x 5 /4 ' Do °r:— Standard 
Top Rail 5A-. Bottom Hail 9-/"". and Lock Pan 7y 8 » S " 1<!S ** 

Entrance— BW-2594 
Door — BW-2308 
Frame — BW-2710 
Hood —BW-2690 

Entrance— BW-2600 
Door — BW-230G 
Frame —BW-2710 

Entrance— BW-2598 
Door — BW-2304 
Frame —BW-2710 


Hilt-Weil Designs of Modern American Entrances 


These designs are well suited for the most carefully de- 
signed front elevations of houses, apartments, etc. Their 
fine quality of materials and workmanship is comparable 
to the finest pieces of furniture. The short glass space 
is also a feature often preferred in a front door. Narrow- 
line casings illustrated are the latest in modern style, 
Hood BW-2692 may be used with any design of Bilt-Well 
Door desired. 

Clear Soft Pine. KD semi-assembled. 
2692: — 6'-2l/ 2 " wide, i'-lll/ 2 " projection, 
Frames: — Standardized for wood siding 
Moulded outside casing 1 T \" x 2", Jambs 
or without pine sill and v/ith or without 
ard sizes 2'-8" x 6'-8" or 7'-0" and 3'-0" 
with double strength glass — area 26" x 
Stiles and Top Rail 5 T ' S ", Bottom Rail 9^ 

Entrance— BW-2602 
Door — BW-2328 
Frame — BW-2710 
Hood —BW-2692 

In the white. Hood BW- 
complete except roofing, 
brick veneer or stucco. 
1 T V x 5'/j" furnished with 
drip cap. Doors: — Stand- 
x B'-8" or 7'-0". Glazed 
18" for 3'-0" x 6'-8" door. 
", and Lock Rail 4V 2 "- 

Entrance— BW-2604 
Door — BW-2326 
Frame — BW-2718 

Entrance— BW-2606 
Door — BW-2324 
Frame —BW-2710 


Bilt-Well Entrances of 
Modern American Designs 

. T ronce e oT', y hl s 0, t £" fe'a «- ^yond the averat 
the correctly pSS>rtionerf at,ractlvene ss is accomplish 
Bilt-Well Enhances have excXf' "??*. Sli,es ' ™d 
service. Any desirec K cToihW fn'" endu "^ 
with Hood BW-3694. Bilt-Well Door may be 

Clear Soft Pin<=> I^n 

wide iM li/ ;^ j ,i«sfi, in r whi,e - h °°*- 

Entrance— BW-2608 
Door — BW-2284 
Frame — BW-2710 
Hood — BW-2694 

Entrance — BW-26 
Door — BW-22 
Frame — BW-27 

Entrance— BW-2616 
Door — BW-2282 
Frame —BW-2710 


Modern American Designs of 
Entrances by Bilt-Well 

Phese attractive entrances are popular designs among the 
najority of Builders, They have an unusually wide range 
jf uses, are produced from high-grade materials and have 
|ne workmanship. Any of the Hoods illustrated in this book 
nay be used with these Bilt-Well Doors. 

Jlear Soft Pine. KD semi-assembled. In the white. Hood— 5'-9i/ 4 " 
ride, 2-3 projection, complete except roofing. Frames:— Standardized 
|>r wood siding, brick veneer, or stucco, furnished with or without pine 
ill and with or without drip cap. Moulded outside casino l- 5 -" v ?" 
ambs 1A* x 51/4". Doors:— Standard sizes 2'-8" x 6'-8" or 7 J -0" and 

"?c« X , a, Z 7> Sk„ 9 lazed with double strength glass— area 271/," 

36 for a 3 -0 x 6'-8" door. Stiles and Top Rail i T \" , Bottom Rail 9 T £" 
nd Lock Rail 4'/ 2 ". T \" Solid raised panels. '* 

ranee— BW-2620 
>r — BW-2274 
me — BW-2718 

Entrance— BW-2622 
Door — BW-2276 
Frame — BW-2710 

Entrance— BW-2B18 
Door — BW-2272 
Frame —BW-2710 
Hood —BW-2696 


Entrance — BW-2624 
Door — BW-2264 

Frame — BW-2710 
Hood — BW-2698 

Bilt-Well Entrances of Modern American Desion 

Trip rriirrliHr /-if +Vi^,-.„ i < ., J 

Entrance — BW-S 
Door — BW-i 
Frame — BW-J 

The quality of these entrances from the standpoint 
of beauty and fine workmanship is uncommon in 
such moderately priced designs. Attractive nar- 
row-line trimmings give the latest modern appear- 
ance, Hood BW-2698 may be used with any Bilt- 
Well Door design of similar style. 

Entrance— BW-2628 
Door — BW-2266 
Frame —BW-2710 


oTB a w.2^0, X w 3 h I =h Q L a 27.;5 x' 26»" tS ^ "'"I °™^ 
9lV. and Lick Rail 3+j" .'' Stiles 4^", Bottom Rai 

Entrance — BW-2( 
Door — BW-2J 
Frame — BW-2! 

Entrance— BW-2634 
Door — BW-2252 
Frame —BW-2710 

Entrance— BW-2632 
Door — BW-2250 

Frame —BW-2710 
Hood — BW-2700 

Hilt-Well Designs of Modern American Entrances 

The attractive Hood illustrated adds to the pleasing 
effect of these door designs. Any of these will be 
suitable for the main entrance of a small house, or 
as a side entrance of a larger one. New modern 
narrow-line casings add to the attractiveness of 
these frames. 

Entrance— BW-2635 
Door — BW-2248 
Frame — BW-2718 

Clear Soft Pine. KD semi-assembled. In the white. Hood: 
— 5'-l 1/2" wide, 2'-2 1 /2" projection, complete except roofing. 
Frames: — Standardized for wood siding, brick veneer, or 
stucco, furnished with or without pine sill and with or with- 
out drip cap. Moulded outside casing 1 T 5 5 " x 2", Jambs 1 T 5 5 " 
x 51/4". Doors:— Standard sizes 2'-8" x 6'-8" or 7'-0", and 
3'-0" x 6'-8" or 7'-0". Glazed with double strength glass — 
area 27i/ 2 " x 26" for 3'-0" x 6'-8" door except BW-2248, which 
is 271/2" by 373/ 8 ". Stiles and Top Rail, 4-ft", Bottom Rail 
9-L", and Lock Rail 3jJ", except BW-2248 which is 5%". 

Entrance— BW-2636 
Door — BW-2254 
Frame —BW-2710 

Entrance— BW-2638 
Door — BW-23GB 

Glass area of BW-2366 20" in diameter for 
3'-0" x 7'-0" door. Glass size of BW-2364 
is 3 light 6>/ z " x 18" for 3'-0" x 7'-0" door. 
Glazed with plain plate or double strength 
glass. (State which is desired.) 

Entrance— BW-2640 
Door —BW-2364 

Bilt-Well Entrances of 
the Modern Trend 

These modern designs have originated in the 
latest functional styling which has brought about 
a new conception of beauty and practicability. 
Adaptable for remodeling or new construction 
giving the Modem appearance desired. 

Clear Soft Pine. KD semi-assembled. In the white. 
Frames:— Standardized for brick veneer, stucco or solid 
masonry walls, furnished without pine sill or threshold. 
Standardized for 3'-0" x 7'-0" door. Rough opening 3'-3l/ 4 " 
x 7'-4y 8 ". Doors: — Standard sizes 3'-0" x 6'-8" or 7'-fJ" 
built up with five laminations of wood. Face veneer is 
W thick. Furnished, unless otherwise specified in Clear 
Soft Pine. Available in Oak or Birch for stained or 
varnished finish. 


Latest International 
Type of Entrances by 

Entrances particularly adaptable to functional 
style or modernistic design of buildings and resi- 
dences. This ultra simplicity and pleasing pro- 
portion is recommended by Architects throughout 
this country and abroad. ■> 

Clear Soft Pine. KD semi-assembled. In the white. 
Frames: — Standardized for brick veneer, stucco or solid 
masonry walls, furnished without pine sills or threshold. 
Standardized for 3'-0" x 7'-0" door. Rough opening 3'-3 l / 4 " 
x 7'-4l/ 8 ". Doors:— Standard sizes 3'-0" x 6'-8" or 7'-0", 
built up with five laminations of wood. Face veneer is 
l fe" thick. Furnished, unless otherwise specified in Clear 
Soft Pine. Available in Oak or Birch. 

Entrance— BW-2G42 
Door — BW-2362 
Transom — BW-2849 

Glass area of BW-2362 and BW-2368 is 
24" x 24" for 3'-0" x 7'-0" door. The tran- 
som on design BW-2642 has a glass area 
of 3'-9" x l'-9i/ 2 ". Glazed with plain plate 
or double strength glass. (State which is 

Entrance— BW-2644 
Door —BW-2368 


Bill-Well Entrances 
of Modern American 
and Colonial Design 

These popular entrances have excellent 
qualities for long service and are in- 
tended for large or small residences. 
The large glass area is particularly 
desirable for admitting light from out- 
of-doors, .t 

Entrance— BW-2646 
Door —BW-2382 
Frame — BW-2718 

Clear Soft Pine. KD semi-assembled. In the 
white. Also obtainable in Birch or Oak, 
laminated construction. Includes posts, scroll 
sawed facia and ornamental strips 3'-9y 2 " 
wide, l'-iy 2 " projection, complete except roof- 
ing. Frames: — Standardized for wood siding, 
brick veneer, or stucco, furnished with or 
without pine sill and with or without drip 
cap. Outside casing 1^" x 2" moulded, 
Jambs l T y x 5'/ 4 ". Doors:— Standard sizes 
2'-8' / x 6'-8" or 7'-0" and 3'-0" x 6'-8" or 
7'-0". Glazed with double strength glass or 
plain plate glass— area 24" x 56" for a 3'-0" 
x 6'-8" door. Stiles and Top Rails 6 T ' 5 ", Bot- 
tom Rail 18-rV', Bars i/ 2 " between Glass. 

Entrance— BW-2648 
Door — BW-2378 
Frame —BW-2718 


Entrance— BW-2650 
Door — BW-237G 
Frame — BW-2710 
Hood — BW-2702 

Entrance— BW-2652 
Door — BW-2374 
Frame — BW-2718 

Modern American 
Entrance Designs 
hy Bilt-Well 

These entrances offer an unusually fine ap- 
pearance. The designs are new and modern, 
giving a very favorable impression. 

Clear Soft Pine. KD semi-assembled. In the white. 
4'-10 1 /2" wide and l'-9 ] /4" projection, complete except 
roofing. Frames: — Standardized for wood siding, brick 
veneer, or stucco, furnished with or without pine sill 
and with or without drip cap. Moulded outside cas- 
ing is l T y x 2", Jambs 1 T 5 5 " x 5 1 /}". Doors: — Standard 
sizes 2'-8" x 6'-8" or 7'-0" and 3'-0" x 6'-8" or 7'-0". 
Glazed with double strength glass or plain plate glass 
—area 24" x 56" for 3'-0" x 6'-8" door. Bars l/ 2 " be- 
tween glass. Stiles 6-jV', Bottom Rail 18 T ' S ". 

Entrance— BW-2654 
Door — BW-2380 
Frame —BW-2718 

Bilt-Well Entrances nf Modern American Design 

These are very popular designs among recently built houses. The broad usage of these 
entrances is attributed to the wide range of uses and to the fact that they are inexpensive 

Entrance— BW-2658 
Door — BW-2388 
Frame — BW-2710 

Entrance— BW-2656 
Door — BW-2392 
Frame —BW-2710 
Hood — BW-2704 


Clear Soft Pine. KD semi-assembled. In the white. 
Hood: — 6'-6V4" wide, 2'-6" projection, complete except 
roofing. Frames: — Standardized for wood siding, brick 
veneer, or stucco, furnished with or without pine sill 
and with or without drip cap. Moulded outside cas- 
ing l T y x 2", Jambs 1 T S S " x 5>/ 4 ". Door: — Standard 
sizes 2'-8" x 6'-8" or 7'-0" and 3'-0" x 6'-8" or 7'-0". 
Glazed with double strength glass — area 26" x 22" for 
3'-0" x 6'-8" door. Stiles and Top Rail 5 T ' 5 ", Bottom 
Rail 9-jV', and Lock Rail 71/3". 

Doors also available in Birch or Oak, laminated con- 

Entrance— BW-2660 
Door — BW-2390 
Frame —BW-2710 

Authentic English 
Types of Entrances 
by Bilt-Well 

Reproductions of authentic English 
Architecture, in both Cots wold and 
Tudor-Gothic style, were the basis used 
in creating these attractive Bilt-Well 

Clear Soft Pine. KD semi-assembled. In the 
white. Also available in Plain Red Oak. 
Appropriate for brick veneer or stone walls. 
Standardized lor 3'-0" x 7'-0" door. Rough 
opening 3'-3l/ 4 " x TAW- Without sill unless 
otherwise specified. Doors:— Standard sizes 
3'-0" x 6'-8" and 3'-0" x 7'-0". Glazed Leaded 
D.S. 7jY x 12jY (3'-0" x 7'-0" door). Door 
BW-2402 glass size 7 T \" x 12 T y. Stiles and 
Top Rail 5 T y, Bottom Rail 9 T ' 5 ". Solid Con- 
struction in Pine Laminated Construction in 

Entrance— BW-2662 
Door — BW-2400 

Reflecting the charm of the picturesque Cots- 
wold country. 

Entrance— BW-2664 
Door —BW-2402 

The tudor influence, or Hat point Gothic, char- 
acteristic of fine houses of the Renaissance 
in England. 

These practical adaptations are better suited 
to the average dwelling than exact replicas 
of the originals. 


Entrance— BW-26G6 
Door — BW-2404 

Entrance— BW-2G68 
Door — BW-2414 

Clear Soft Pine. KD semi-assembled. In the 
white. Can be furnished also in Plain Red Oak. 
Standardized for 3'-0" x 7'-0" door. Rough open- 
ing 3'-3i/ 4 " x 7'-4y 8 ". Furnished without sill or 
threshold. Doors furnished in standard sizes of 
3'-0" x 6'-8" or 3'-0" x 7'-0". Glazed Leaded D.S. 
Glass area of BW-2404 is 7 T 5 5 " x 12 T y for 3'-0" 
x 7'-0" door. Of BW-2414 the glass area is 12" x 
12 T y for 3'-0" x 7'-0" door. Stiles and Top Rail 
5-r'j", Bottom Rail 9 T ' S ". 

Entrances dF I 

English, 1 

Mediterranean, I 

and I 

Norman French I 

Origin I 

hy Bilt-Well ] 

These entrances are appropriate for 
English, Mediterranean, and Norman 
French Homes. Both designs are 
adaptable for stone, brick or half- 
timbered walls. 



Entrance— BW-2670 
Door —BW-2416 

Entrance— BW-2672 
Door — BW-2418 

Entrance BW-2670 shows the adapta- 
tion of this design to Mediterranean 
types of architecture, while BW-2672 
and BW-2674 are of English origin. 
Careful adaptation of these designs, 
best entrusted to your architect, assures 
a pleasing appearance. 

Clear Soft Pine. KD semi-assembled. In the 
white. Also available in Plain Red Oak. 
Standardized for 3'-0" x 7'-0" door. Rough 
opening 3'-31/ 4 " x TA%". Doors:-Standard 
sizes 3'-0" x 6'-8" and 3'-0" x 7'-0". Glass 
area of BW-2416 is 12" x 12 T y for 3'-0" x 7'-Q" 
door, of BW-2418 is T x 12" for 3'-0" x 7'-0" 
door, of BW-2426 is 7" x 12" for 3'-0" x 7'-0" 
door. Stiles and Top Rails of BW-2416 and 
BW-2418 S T ' S ", Bottom Rail 9 T ' X ". 

Entrance— BW-2674 
Door —BW-2426 

Hilt-Well Entrances 
of English Design 

These entrances reflect unusually good taste 
for beauty in English Architecture. The small 
leaded glass is characteristic of the original 
English cottages. 

Entrance — BW-2678 
Door — BW-2432 

Clear Solt Pine. KD semi-assembled. In the white. Also 
available in plain Red Oak, Standardized for 3'-0" x 7'-0" 
door. Rough opening 3'-3y 4 " x 7'-4i/ 8 ". Doors:-Standard 
sizes 3'-0" x 6'-8" and 3'-0" x 7'-0", 3 ply laminated construc- 
tion. %" face veneer. Glass area of BW-2428 is 7" x 12"- 
of BW-2432 lli/ 8 " x lli/ 8 ", and of BW-2434 103/ 8 " x 17" for 
3'-0" x 6'-8" doors. 

Entrance — BW-2680 
Door —BW-2434 


Entrance— BW-2682 
Door — BW-2436 

Clear Soft Pine. KD semi-assembled. In the white. Also 
available in Oak. Standardized for 3'-0" x 7'-0" door. Rough 
opening 3'-3»4" x 7'-4%". Doors:— Standard sizes 3'-0" x 6'-8" 
and 3'-0" x 7'-0", 3 ply laminated construction. %" face 
veneer. Glass area of BW-2436 7" x 12"; of BW-2438 7" x 
12", and of BW-2440 7" x 12". 

Entrance— BW-2684 
Door —BW-2438 

Mediterranean and 
English Entrances 
by Bilt-Well 

The beautiful effects of these entrances, carefully- 
worked out through the skill of your architect, will 
result in a home of unusually fine appearance. 

Entrance— BW-2686 
Door —BW-2440 


Summary of Bilt-Well Doors 

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I 11 

1 1 
1 n 

1— I 


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Summary of Hilt-Well Hours 



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Summary of Bill-Well Doors 


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EL kj gLi t> M DlYL 

C oLomiaL ^tvl 



Bilt-Well Double-Hung Wnod Windows \ 

These attractive designs offer a wide variety from which to make a selection that will 
be both beautiful and practical. The variation in the divisions of the glass and the 
flexibility of interchangeable shutter designs afford a broad assortment in this stand- 
ardized line. 

Window Design— BW-2740 
Frame — BW-2882 

Shutters — BW-2972 

Window Design— BW-2750 
Frame — BW-2884 

Shutters — BW-2978 


Window Design— BW-2760 
Frame — BW-2898 

Shutters — BW-2984 





^ m "*»( 



. — 



Window Design— BW-2762 
Frame —BW-2898 

Shutters — BW-2990 

Hilt-Well Windows 

Bilt-Well Windows, which include frames and 
sash, are manufactured of clear soft pine either 
in single, twin, triple, quadruple, or quintette 
jroupings; however, the standard is single and 
twin openings. The frames have the desired 
modern narrow lines on both side jambs and 
mullions. They are constructed with weather- 
l ight joints, and uniformity, due to the latest 
automatic machinery, insures that the sash will 
slide up and down with the maximum of ease. 

Window (4 It.)— BW-2774 
Frame — BW-2922 

Window (8 It.)— BW-2776 
Frame — BW-2924 

Window— BW-2772 
Frame — BW-2902 
Shutter — BW-2996 





1- BW-3006 






The sash of Bilt-Well double-hung windows are constructed with mortised and 
tenoned joints at bottom rails to give long satisfactory service. The glass is of 
good quality and is carefully inspected, according to a rigid set of rules. The 
frames are standardized for wood siding, brick veneer or stucco. 

All Bilt-Well check-rail windows are made a standard thickness of 1%" scant; 
however, there is also a line of plain-rail windows produced in iy 8 " thickness. 

Bilt-Well Shutters are manufactured of Clear Soft Pine in iy B " thickness 
except designs BW-3024 and BW-3026 which are made of dressed 1" material. 
The various parts are joined with tongued and grooved joints. All Bilt-Well 
shutters having stiles, rails, and panels are assembled with mortised and 
tenoned joints. The panels are of solid wood dressed to a finished thickness 
of %". 


Bilt-Well Clos-Tite 
Wnnd Casements 

Years of experimenting to accomplish a weather- 
tight casement has resulted in the perfection of 
this Bilt-Well product. Bilt-Well Clos-Tite Wood 
Casements provide the maximum provisions for 
air-conditioning and also exhibit a modern ap- 
pearance with the narrow but sturdily con- 
structed sections. The Sash and Transoms are 
equipped with auxiliary (double glazing) glass, 
which is held in the sash with thumb-release 
fasteners. A moisture proof gasket is used in 
sealing the installation of auxiliary glass to re- 
duce the transmission of air and to provide maxi- 
mum insulation so essential for correctly air-con- 
ditioned homes. Bilt-Well Clos-Tite Casements are 
Burglar-Proof, too. When the sash are closed it is 
definitely impossible for burglars to enter without 
breaking the glass. The sash are scientifically 
treated with a chemical solution and the metal 
hardware is Cadmium finished, both of which 
give protection against atmospheric changes. The 
frame is put together with tongued and grooved 
joints in the mullions and transom bars, as well 
as in the intersection of head, sill, and side 
jambs. The sash is mortised and tenoned at 
the corners, which is one of the many reasons 
why Bilt-Well -Clos-Tite Casements have such fine 
lasting qualities. Bilt-Well Clos-Tite Casements 
are equipped with the nationally known brand 
" Wind or" Hardware. 

Design BW-2790 

A beautiful unusual design of window 
illustrating the possibilities for different 
effects with Bilt-Well Clos-Tite stock units 

Exterior view of a 
typical installation 
with Bilt-Well Clos- 
Tite standard unit 
No. 4422. 

Bilt-Well Clos-Tite 
Casements pro- 
duce beautiful 
decorative effects 
as is evident in 
this illustration of 
an interior view. 


Bilt-Well Clns-Tite 
Wand Casements 

Washing windows becomes a simple operation 
with Bilt-Well Clos-Tite Casements, as can be read- 
ily appreciated from the above illustrations. When 
the sash is open, sufficient space permits cleaning 
the outside of the glass while standing in the room. 

I he top of all ventilators are equipped with a spring 
bronze metal cap covering the upper edge of the sash. This 
is also a combination weatherstrip which functions by seal- 
ing the clearance at the top when the sash is closed. 

The lock handle illustrated at 
the right is standard equipment. 
This draws the sash into posi- 
tive contact with the weather- 
stripping and also serves as 
a lock. 

The auxiliary glass is readily removed or replaced by 
releasing the glass from the sash with a sliding thumb 

The top closer in the above 
illustration is a neat mechan- 
ical device which is installed 
at the top and which auto- 
matically draws the sash into 
a closed position, thereby seal- 
ing the opening against the 
infiltration of air, rain, or dust. 

This illustration shows the operator entirely 
concealed under the stool. It will regulate the 
sash in any open position up to a 90° angle. 
It also serves as a lock when the sash is closed. 

This "On The Stool" operator is used when a radiator or 
some other object obstructs the turning of the crank of 
the other operator, illustrated at the left. The operation is 
exactly the same and exclusive use of this particular operator 
may be preferred throughout the house. 



Bilt-Well Clos-Tite Wood Casements 

The standard sizes and glass arrangements of 
Bilt-Well Clos-Tite Casements are indicated 
below. Measurements of these standard units 
for stud and brick opening are listed on top 

and on left side. When the situation demands 
wider and higher units, the standard layout 
on which regular units are based should be 

^ O o 
? z z P 

x Qx ol-6AM|-.|or-<3'-6^> 

lr_l m HI 

pss'R ffl 

* TF T|2|0 2210 1220 

•43- 9&V 1-5- 2&H 
-»3'- 5TK- M'-I04"^ 

i- 5-6^-4 

t-6'- 9fH 

H- 6- 6{M 
^ 6'- 6iM 



t-«. t~»»M") fvj 

3T0 2~3l0 4320* 

JTT t 

r-% r-^roi c^i 

iiii u 

1410 2410 4420 

L= 3 mm 


r[3-'-U £f»$jg 

— Or-sin 

1411 2412 1422 

TTTT ra m 

CC iv, Tf r-i 



— — r^.vO 
ir% iri in i/-v 


2510 4520 





1511 2512 1522 




**> «"* vr\ in 






1512 2514 4524 


2612 4622 


2714 4724 


CT.flCT-2! CT42 










- j_ _ 






+ -- 







Clements shovvn are stan- 
dard according to size and 
arrangement of lights. 
Wider and higher Units cpnV 
sisting of standard sash lay- 
oui, as well as sash for stan- 
dard units with horizontal 
muntin bars only, can be 
furnished on special order. 

Circle instead of square 
head transom can be furn^ 
[shed for standard width 
units. See CTlt, CT2I, 
CT-12, CT63, CT64. CT 
105. The bars in the circle 
transoms are of zinc riu-tal 
and harmonize very nicely 
with the wood bars in (he 
sash below. All transom 
sash are stationary. AIJ case- 
ments have si:c 8" x 12" 
lights of glass with c\cep- 
tion of numbers 1210-1310 
which arc I2"xl2" glass. 

The main sash are hinged 
to swing out. One or more 
sash fti multiple openings 
may be furnished station- 
ary. S.ish can be hinged to 
swing right or left (from 
outside). Be sure to specify- 
how sash shall swing when 




Horizontal bars instead of divisions in both directions 
in the glass will be furnished when specified All 
transom sash are stationary. Furnished KD semi-as- 

Sei ? b !u d - tP 01 ^ 16 Auxilictr Y Glass, Weather Stripping, 
ihR'UwlT 6 installed is the regular way in 
which Bilt-Well Casements are furnished. 

Bill- Well Sash and Louvers 

The illustrations below indicate the variety of Bilt- 
Well Sash and Louvers. These are manufactured 
of Clear Soft Pine, in standard shapes and sizes 
established to meet every conceivable condition. 

From this array of designs a satisfactory selection 
can be made which will be appropriate to any 
particular type of architecture. 



The following sizes are overall dimensions of sash to which add 

l^jz" in width and 4" in height for the rough opening. All circle 

and octagon sash and frames are made square inside. 

BW-2802— 2928. Standard sizes l'-2", l'-6", and l'-10" in width and 


BW-2804— 2930. Standard size is l'-8" in diameter. 

BW-2806. Standard sizes 8" x 2'-6"; 8" x 3'-6"; l'-O" x 3'-6". 

BW-2808— 2932— 2810. Standard sizes l'-6" x l'-6" and 2'-0" x 2'-Q". 

BW-2812— 2936. Standard size 3'-0" x l'-6". 

RW-9A99 9Q3B Mn=» nrmnlrrr civpc; A Itc; R" y 1 fl" I'.fi" v 9.'-l" 

BW-2824— 2940. Most popular sizes 6 Its. 8" x 10", 2'-4" x 2'-l"; 

9" x 12", 2'-7" x 2'-5"; 10" x 12", 2'-10" x 2'-5". 

BW-2826. Standard size 3'-6" x 2'-0". 

BW- 2828— 2942. Standard sizes 20" x 20" glass 2'-0" x 2'-l" overall; 

20" x 24", 2'-0" x 2'-5". 

BW-2830. One light transom. Most popular sizes 2'-8" x l'-O" and 

2'-8" x l'-2". 

BW-2832— 2944. Standard size l'-lO" and 2'-4" in diameter. 

BW-2834— 2836. Standard sizes 4" x 2'-6". 

BW-2838. Standard size 4'-0" y l'-4" and 5'-0" x l'-8". 

Hilt-Well Clean-E-Ze Casements 

An inside view showing the beautiful 
effects accomplished with the use of Bilt- 
Well Clean-E-Ze Casements. 

A typical installation of Bilt-Well Clean- 
E-Ze Casements, showing the sash swung 
open supported by the specially designed 
hinges, leaving adequate room for cleaning. 

Bilt-Well Clean-E-Ze Casements are a low priced 
unit that is efficient, easy to operate, substantial 
and adaptable to all types of wall construction. It 
combines many of the features found only in the 
higher priced units. The hinges used are a com- 
bination three-leaf butt and surface hinge. They 
are arranged to answer the same purpose as the ex- 
tension hinge — that of cleaning the outside of the 
glass from the inside. The sash is disengaged from 
the middle leaf of the hinge by simply turning two 
screws which allow it to swing around so that the 
outside becomes easily accessible for cleaning. 
A bar-type operator is furnished as standard equip- 
ment. It is easily installed, has no parts to get out 

of order, will hold the sash rigid in any position, 
and acts as an auxiliary locking device when the 
sash is closed. 

The locking device is installed at the side jamb 
and is designed with a bevel plate which draws 
the sash into a weather-tight position in the frame. 
Interior screens of wood are used and the sash may 
be opened or closed without removing these as pro- 
visions have been made for. the bar of the operator 
to pass through the bottom rail of the screen. Storm 
sash, which are considered additional equipment, 
are used to replace the screens in the winter, and 
further provision against infiltration of air can be 
made by specifying weatherstripping with Bilt-Well 
Clean-E-Ze Casement Units. 


Bilt-Well Standard Casements 

Sash — BW-2850 
Frame— BW-2946 

Sash — BW-2852 
Frame— BW-2948 

Sash — BW-2854 
Frame— BW-2950 

Sash — BW-2856 
Frame— BW-2952 

The selection offered here consists of stock 
sizes of casements divided into six, eight,, 
nine, and twelve lights of glass, without 

Each two designs of windows are com- 
panions insofar as the height of the opening 
is concerned. The six light casement is used 
where space will not permit a wide opening; 
while the nine light casement is used where 
space is available and additional natural 
light is required. 

The standard size of glass and overall 
widths and heights are as follows:- — 


8 x 10 glass 1'- 8y 4 " x 2'-liy 2 " 

9 x 12 glass l'-10y 4 " x 3'- 5i/ 2 " 

10 x 12 glass 2'- 0y 4 " x 3'- 5>/ 2 " 


8 x 10 glass 2'- 4" x 2'-ll" 

9 x 12 glass 2'- 7" x 3'- 5" 

10 x 12 glass 2'-10" x 3'- 5" 


8 x 10 glass 1'- 8y 4 " x 3'-9%" 

9 x 12 glass l'-10y 4 " x 7'-5%" 

10 x 12 glass 2'- 0y 4 " x 4'-5%" ; 


8 x 10 glass 2'- 4" x 3'-9" 

9 x 12 glass 2'- 7" x 4'-5" 

10 x 12 glass 2'-10" x 4'-5" 

Casements always seem to give the house 
or apartment more attractiveness than any 
other type of window, and in the illustration 
at the left is a typical example of the at- 
tractiveness of this casement. 

BW-2854 (on the left) is very desirable for 
lighting and ventilating rooms such as bath- 
rooms, dens, halls, or dressing alcoves. 

Casement BW-2856 (on the right) is the log- 
ical choice for medium or large size rooms 
which require the maximum of day light 
and ventilation. 


The Bilt-Well Complete 
Basement Window 



S e n a n° Ve illustration is an inside view of the newly introduced Bilt- 
Well Basement Unit completely outfitted with frame, sash 
glass, and all hardware. 




Another inside view showing Bilt-Well Basement Complete Unit in a 
locked position. 

The Bilt-Well Basement Complete Unit is given the "Bilt-Well" 
scientific process of chemically treating the sash and coating 
the frame to protect against the weather. Galvanized rust- 
proof wire cloth is applied on the insect screens. The hinges 
and locks of the sash also have a rust-proof finish. 
The ventilating feature is especially attractive because the sash 
is retained in an open position by a sliding slot in the hinges. 
This eliminates the unsatisfactory method of using a hook to 
hold the sash open. The Bilt-Well Basement Complete Unit, 
which is water-proof and equipped with rust-proof hardware! 
leads the field of all basement windows. 

Condensation is prevented on all but the glass, and this can be 
eliminated with the addition of Bilt-Well Basement Storm Sash 
See Page 62. 

Standard sizes of Bilt-Well Complete Basement Windows are:— 
Glass Size Masonry Openinq 

2 It. 10 x 12 25 " x 17%" 

12x16 29 "x213/ 8 " 

,„ l \ x l n 29 " x 233/ 8 " 

.. H 9 x ? 32i/ 4 " x 17%" 

X 14 351/4" x 193/a- 

10 x 16 351/4" x 21%" 

Sash — BW-2872 
Frame— BW-2954 

12" x 14" glass— 2'-5" x V-l" sash overall, 2'-9" x 
l'-ll" masonry opening. 

12" x 16" glass— 2'-5" x l'-9" sash overall, 2'-9" x 
2'-l" masonry opening. 

14" x 16" glass— 2^-9" x l'-9" sash overall, 3'-l" x 
2'-l" masonry opening. 

Bilt-Well Stock 


Sash and Frames 

Designs BW-2872 and BW-2876 of stock two light 
and three light basement sash and frames, unless 
otherwise specified, do not include insect screens, 
hardware, or aluminum priming. It is standard 
practice to furnish the basement sash separately, 
unless frames and screens are ordered together.' 
Stock sizes are as follows:— 

Sash —BW-2876 
Frame— BW-2956 

10" x 14" glass— 2M0" x l'-7" sash overall, 3'-2" x 
l'-ll" masonry opening. 

10" x 16" glass— 2'-10" x l'-9" sash overall, 3'-2" x 
2'-l" masonry opening. 

12" x 16" glass— 3'-4" x l'-9" sash overall, 3'-8" x 
2'-l" masonry opening. 







CoLokjia,L 5tyLl 

Bilt-Well Standard Porch Parts 

The illustrations on this page offer a choice of f L 
designs of porch newels, and a choice off ^ 

Porch columns in good proportion ^ Well - de *c 

Bilt-Well Columns and Newels are built uo with 

;omt. This exclusive feature prevent LlZ^^T^ ! ° 

and adds strength to the newels and columns ^ 

Water-proof glue is used throughout the assembly of th 
This msures a tight joint, which will resist chW, I * **** 
reduces maintenance besides eliminJI , chan ^- ] 

a reasonably frequent coat oTpal" * ^^ « 1 

The above illustration sug- 
gests an attractive Porch de 
sign which is typical of the 
many attractive arrangements 
possible with Bilt-Well Stand! 
ard Porch Parts. 

Porch Columns 

Manufactured f Clear Soft 
Pin e . In the white. Com- 
pletely assembled with water- 
resistmg glue. BW-3030 is 6" 

ID' D" i \, ' y _u > Q nd 

BwVft ngf ^ BW-3032 and 
in fi' S» «%?° nd 10 " square 
lu ' Ef • 9 -°"< and lO'-O" 
lengths. BW-3034 and BW-3036 

gnd 7-9" lengths. 5", 5%" and 
o% square m 8'-0" lengths. 

Porch Newels 

Manufactured in Clear Soft 
™f' In the white. BW-3DS4 

andBW : 3056andBW-3058a re 
made with shafts 6" 8" 10" 
and 12" 4 '-0» high. ' BW-3060 
is manufactured with a 3" 
of ^2"" thS Standard ^ngth 

Bilt-Well Standard Porch Parts 

Bilt-Well Porch and Baluster designs are 
selected from groups of suggestions, the 
choosing of which is based entirely on good 
architectural design that will combine pleas- 
ingly with other parts of the porch. They 
have unusually fine outline, and this feature 
is an absolute essential for making a beau- 
tiful porch railing. 

Bilt-Well Porch Rails are manufactured of Solid 
Clear Fir and are furnished in standard lengths 
of 6'-0", 8'-0", lO'-O", and 12'-0". BW-3066 and 
BW-3068 are 1%" x 3'/ 2 " in size. BW-3070 is 23/ 4 " 
x 31/2" and BW-3072 is 2>/ 4 " x 3'/ 2 ". 

The illustration at the left is a typi- 
cal example of the appearance and 
proof of the added richness which 
correctly proportioned designs offer. 
This is an installation of Bilt-Well 
Standard Porch Parts. 

Bilt-Well Porch Balusters are man- 
ufactured of Clear Soft Pine. BW- 
3078 and BW-3080 are 2'/ 4 " square 
with turning and are made in 
lengths of 20" and 24". BW-3082 
and BW-3084 are produced in both 
1%" and I3/4" sizes and lengths of 
20" and 24". BW-3086 are individual 
slat balusters made of l'/s" material, 
finish 3 5 /s" wide in 20" and 24" 


Bilt-Well Porch Railing and 
Lattice are produced from 
Clear Soft Pine. Furnished in 
the white. BW-3092 and BW- 
3094 are made in standard 
lengths of 8'-Q", 9'-0" and lO'-O" 
with 6" projecting lugs for 
adjusting overall length to 
odd or even inches for the 
exact distance between posts; 
made to a standard width of 
2'-0" for all lengths. BW-3100 
is made to standard size of 
r-43/4" x 7'-4i/4", 1%" thick. 

Bilt-Well Gate— BW-3102 

Clear Soft Pine. 1 %" thick. Mortised and 
tenoned construction assembled with 
water-resistent glue. Standardized 3'-0" 
wide and 4'-6" high, overall size. 


Standard Puruhwnrk 

These new designs created by "Bilt-Well" are use. 
ful for various decorative purposes and wherever 
used their simplicity and good proportions will do 
much to decorate the exterior and make it beautiful 



■ ■ 

■ ■ 
m ■ 

■ ■ 



1 1 






These seemingly lesser items are important after 
all, for it is frequently their added touch that gives 
the house or apartment that finished appearance. 
Brackets, far from being obsolete ornaments, are 
pleasing additions to exterior decoration. 

Manufactured of Solid Clear 
Fir. BW-3104 is 2'-6" long, has 
l'-lOf drop and is 2 s / 8 " thick. 
BW-3106 Urn 3%" x 31/2" * 10". 
BW-3108 is 2'-6" long, l'-3" 
drop and is 2 5 / 8 " thick. BW- 
3110 is l'-lO" long, l'-8" drop 
and is 3%" thick. BW-3112 
drop 51/4" x 51/4" square, 41/2" 
diameter at turned section, 
11 3A" long. BW-3114 is 2'-3>/ 2 " 
long, 2'^9" drop and is 3y 8 " 


Hilt- Well Combination Doors — The All-Year-Around Door 

The "all-the-year-around" doors save fuel in winter and 
keep out insects in summer. The Bilt-Well Combination 
is really two doors in one — a screen door in summer and 
a storm door in winter — at a much lower price than both 
taken separately. In addition to this, it is not necessary 
to re-hang a combination door with changing seasons. 

Bilt-Well Combination Doors are based on over a half 
century of experience in door manufacturing. The screen 

and storm panels fit into a rabbet and are so constructed 
that they prevent any water from getting into any of the 
joints. Each part is carefully machined, and when the 
storm panel is in place the possibility of drafts is elim- 
inated. Interchangeable panels are held in the door by 
four fasteners which release with a screw driver from 
the inside. 







These doors are manuiactured of Clear Soft Pine and made 
'/u" wider and 1" longer than the regular door opening. 
Storm and screen panel openings are the same width on all 
sizes of combination doors. 


Bilt-Well Combination Doors 
The All-Year-Aroond Door 







Bill-Well Combination Doors 
The M-YBar-Aroofld Door 





Summer Winter 

Summer Winter 




Bilt-Well Storm Sash 
and Storm Doors 

With the installation of this "Bilt-Well" equipment, it is easier 
to maintain a uniform temperature throughout all rooms of 
the house or apartment. In addition to this, drafts, frosty 
windows, and damaged window stools are eliminated. It has 
also been proved that Bilt-Well Storm Sash and Storm Doors 
save from 1/5 to 1/3 of the fuel required for heating. But 
more important than this is the fact that Bilt-Well Storm Sash 
and Storm Doors will safe-guard the families' health and will 
assist in providing comfort during the winter months. 

Basement Storm Sash— BW-3172 


Manufactured of Clear Soft Pine in sizes cor- 
responding with standard measurement of 
doors, basement sash and double-hung win- 
dows. Door BW-3170 is glazed with double 
strength, good quality glass, size 24" x 24". 
(For a 2'-8" x 6'-8" door.) 

Storm Door— BW-3170 

Storm Sash (2 It.)— BW-3174 

Storm Sash (4 It.)— BW-3176 


Insect Screens 

The high grade material and the precise workmanship 
of Bilt-Well Screens assure protection against the an- 
noyance of insects. They are manufactured of kiln- 
dried Clear Soft Pine, in a factory completely equipped 
with special automatic machinery and are carefully 
constructed with sturdy mortised and tenoned joints. 

Manufactured of Clear Soft Pine. iy 8 " thick with 12 mesh black, 
14 mesh galvanized or 14 mesh antique-bronze wire insect cloth. 


Insect Screens 

Extreme care is used in the manufacture of 
Bilt-Well Screen Doors and Window Screens 
to insure quality and uniformity. The screen 
wire is carefully applied to eliminate waves 
and irregularity in the mesh. Bilt-Well Insect 
Screens are well known for their substantial 
and serviceable construction. 

Manufactured of Clear Soft Pine. Mortised 
and tenoned construction, l'/g" thick. 12 
mesh black, 14 mesh galvanized, or 14 mesh 
antique bronze wire insect cloth. 

Write for a list of standard sizes. 

Window Screen— BW-3220 


Bill-Well Overhead Garage limn:; 

Garage Door— BW-3230 
Frame — BW-3250 

These standard designs of Bilt-Well Overhead Garage Doors 
offer the utmost in convenience, appearance, and durability. 
When the doors are open, they are overhead inside the 
garage, completely out of the weather and out of the way. 
These doors provide a weather-tight fit because they overlap 
the head and side jambs of the frame and can be fitted 
snugly at the bottom. 

The Segment Top of Design BW-3234 is in the frame, while 
the door proper has a straight top. This can only be de- 
tected from inside the garage. 

BW-3238 is a flush-type door with continuous vertical grooves 
on the surface. 

Designs BW-3230 and BW-3234 are appropriate for Colonial- 
Type Garages, and similar architectural styles, while BW-3238 
is adaptable for Rustic exterior treatments of English, Norman 
French, and Spanish architecture. 

Garage Door— BW-3238 
Frame —BW-3250 

Bilt-Well Garage Doors are manufactured in Clear Soft Pine; 
however, garage door BW-3238 can be furnished in Oak 
Veneer on special request, although the additional weight of 
this door of Oak is a matter which should be taken into 
consideration. Standard sizes in which these doors are pro- 
duced are 8'-0" x 8'-0" and 8'-0" x 7'-6". No hardware 


Bill-Well Garage Doors 
of Conventional Styles 


Years of usage has proved this type of garage door bott 

dependable and economical at an unusually low origincj 
cost. BW-3240 is designed to swing-out and complete!; 
clear the opening. The weight of each door is at a mi 
mum for stability, low maintenance, and easy operatio: 
Designs BW-3242 and BW-3246 are made for either hin 
suspension or track hardware. (Not furnished.) These da 
signs consist of three sections, and can be made to swing ii 
or out, although the customary way for a three sectid 
door is to swing-in. The two doors on the left are suspende] 
together on hinges and the door on the right is hinge] 
independently of the other two. The latter is called thl 
"handy door", because on the many occasions one goa 
in and out of the garage on foot and it is a considerabfl 
convenience to have only this small door to open and closl 



Door — BW-324G 
Frame— BW-3258 

Manufactured in Clear Soft Pine and Fir except that BW-3246 is fur- 
nished in Clear Soft Pine only, unless otherwise specified. Standard 
sizes are 8'-0" x 7'-6" and 8'-0" x 8'-0". No hardware included. 



International ^)TyLe_ 




CoLoniaL i) T Y L 

E_ngLi^n ^)TYLl 67 

Bilt-Well Colonial 
Interior Doors 

These popular designs are similar to those 
in. the nationally known Colonial Village at 
Williamsburg, West Virginia, the restora- 
tion of which has brought to the country's 
attention the beauty and simplicity of Colo- 
nial Architecture. 


Manufactured in Clear Soft Pine for enameled or 
painted surfaces. Raised panels r \" thick. Stiles 
4 T y. Furnished in the white. Any of these de- 
signs may be supplied with a raised mould, but 
this must be specified when ordering. BW-3268 is 
not furnished regularly with the raised mould, but 
is illustrated with it to portray the attractive ef- 
fect accomplished with its use. Available in hard- 
woods for stain or natural finish. No hardware 




Bilt-Well Colonial 
Interior Doors 

These Bilt-Well Interior Doors have main- 
tained their popularity for years. They are 
most appropriate for any house of this par- 
ticular style of architecture, and being pro- 
duced by master craftsmen reflect excellent 
quality. Thousands sold yearly is an indi- 
cation of their standing as an inexpensive, 
attractive door. 


Manufactured of Clear Soft Pine for enameled or 
painted surfaces. Furnished in the white and in 
standard sizes ranging from 2'-4" to 2'-8" wide 
and from 6'-8" to 7'-0" high. Stiles 4 T \". All of 
these designs may be supplied with a raised 
mould but this must be specified on the order. 
Available in Red Oak, Birch, Red Gum, or Sap 
Gum for a stained or natural finish. No hardware 






Hilt- Well Colonial Doors 
in Modern Settings 

These interior doors of beauty and distinction are desired for 
their unusually good harmony with present day furnishings. 
They are well-constructed, of the best materials obtainable, 
and like all Bilt-Well Doors, are inspected before leaving the 

The particular kind of wood in which they are illustrated here 
is Birch, and is typical of the popular hardwoods listed -below. 
These doors are produced in Red Oak, Birch, Red Gum, or 
Sap Gum for natural or stained finish, and in Sap Gum, Un- 
selected Birch, or Clear Soft Pine for painted or enameled 
surfaces. It is suggested that a dull-varnish surface be used 
in preference to a high gloss varnish on doors stained or 
finished natural. 

When manufactured in Red Oak, Birch, Red Gum, or Sap Gum, laminated 
construction is a standard practice and solid construction for doors of 
Clear Soft Pine. Furnished in the white, and in standard sizes ranging 
from 2'-4" to 2'-8" wide and 6'-8" and 7'-0" high. Stiles, 4 T \". Designs 
may be supplied with a raised mould but this must be specified when 

The hardware is not included. 



Bilt-Well Interior Doors 

Doors of single and divided panel designs are appropriate for 
Modern-American Interiors. Special care has been taken in 
making up these designs so that they will harmonize particularly 
well with the most popular household furnishings of recent years 
These doors are illustrated in Red Oak with stained and var- 
nished finish, but if a painted or enameled surface is desired, 
Birch, Sap Gum, or Clear Soft Pine are the most suitable woods! 

Doors manufactured in Red Oak, Birch, Red Gum, or Sap Gum have lam- 
inated construction, and doors manufactured in Clear Soft Pine are solid 
construction Furnished in the white and in standard sizes ranging from 
2-4 to 2-8" and 6'-8" to 7'-0" high. BW-3294 has stiles 5 T 'x" wide and 
BW-3296 and BW-3298 have stiles |ft» wide. These designs may be ££ 
plied with raised mould, but this must be specified when ordering. 

The hardware is not included. 



Bilt-Well Doors of 
the Modern Trend 




These beautiful Colonial or Modem Styles have 
been designed to harmonize with the modernistic 
scheme of decoration and particularly with this 
style of interior furnishings. Although illustrated 
in enameled finish, these designs are very beau- 
tiful in natural-finished hardwoods. Birch, Red 
Oak, and Red Gum are the standard woods in 
which these doors are available and are particu- 
larly suited for a natural-finish treatment. The 
recommended woods for a satisfactory paint or 
enamel finish are Birch, Sap Gum, or Clear Soft 

Furnished in the white and in standard sizes ranging 
from 2'-4" to 2'-8" and from 6'-8" to 7'-0" high. Stiles on 
BW-3306 are 4 T 5 S " wide, and on BW-3308 and BW-3310 
are 5 T ' 5 ". 




Hilt-Well Interior Doors 
of the Modern Trend 


Door designs BW-3314 and BW-3318 are the two 
most popular of the Bilt-Well Line with the ex- 
ception of BW-3268 and BW-3286 shown on pre- 
ceding pages. Design BW-3322 is a new design, 
and like those on the opposite page, gives the 
prospective Home-Owner something new as well 
as beautiful. This is an example of "Bilt-Well's" 
progressiveness in designing and manufacturing. 

Manufactured of Clear Soft Pine, Birch, or Sap Gum for 
enameled or painted surfaces, and in Red Oak, Birch, 
Red Gum or Sap Gum for the natural or stained finish. 
Furnished in the white and in standard sizes ranging 
from 2'-4" to 2'-8" wide and from 6'-8" to 7'-0" high. 
Stiles 4 T y. All of these designs may be supplied with a 
raised mould but this must be specified on the order. 
Available in other hardwoods for a stained or natural 

Bilt-Well Doors of Modern Design 


These Bilt-Well flush-type doors are con- 
sidered truly modern designs, and are 
especially desirable for homes and apart- 
ments, although frequently seen in pub- 
lic buildings. They are of fine lasting 
qualities and have functional advantages. 

BW-3332 is illustrated in stained and var- 
nished Birch wood, and is available in 
Red Oak, Birch, Red Gum, or Sap Gum. 
BW-3330 in natural finished Red Oak with 
Birch inset vertical strip, BW-3334 in nat- 
ural finished Birch with Walnut inserts 
of vertical inlay. Other combinations of 
the above hardwood are available. 

Many beautiful modern schemes of dec- 
oration for walls, etc. can be developed 
around these unusually attractive designs. 



Bilt-Well Mirror Doors 

Mirror Doors are very convenient accessories for homes and 
apartments, and unlike stationary mirrors can be turned to a 
desirable angle for the best position according to the direction 
of the light. 

Bilt-Well Mirror Doors BW-3340 and BW-3342 are manufactured in Bed 
Oak, Birch, Red Gum, and Sap Gum for stained or a natural finish. 
They are recommended in Clear Soft Pine, Birch, or Sap Gum for 
enameled or painted surfaces. Sizes ranging from 2'-4" to 2'-8" and 
from 6'-8" to 7'-0" high. Stiles 4 T y. 


These two small illustrations show both sides of the typical 
mirror door, illustrating the advantage of the reverse face of 
the door being made to harmonize with the other doors in 
the room. 



re I I 


Interior Doors 

These Bilt-Well Doors, of beauty and durability, are 
especially adaptable for harmonious effects in Eng- 
lish, Norman French, or Italian Architectural Styles. 
The most appropriate wood for these various in- 
terior treatments is Red Oak, and this is the wood 
in which these doors are illustrated. 

Also available in Birch, Sap Gum, and Red Gum. Standard 
sizes— 2'-6" x 6'-8"; 2'-6" x 7'-0"; 2'-8" x 6'-8" and 2'-8" x 7'-0". 



Interior Doors 

"Bilt-Well" offers the designs illustrated 
on this page as appropriate for English, 
Spanish, or Mediterranean Styles of in- 
terior. These beautiful designs are of 
great assistance in working out the de- 
tails of these particular styles of Archi- 
tecture, and are recommended for stain 
and varnish finish, dull varnish for rich- 
ness of appearance. 

Also available in Birch, Sap Gum, and Red 
Gum. Standard sizes— 2'-6" x 6'-8"; 2'-6" x 7'-0"- 
2'-8" x 6'-8" and 2'-8" x 7'-0". 


French Doors 

Bilt-Well French Doors are a favorite method 
of finishing large openings. They increase 
the apparent space in a house with their 
large areas of glass and make the room 
lighter, as well as being a decoration. 

Bilt-Well French Doors have narrow stiles, 
well proportioned lights separated by nar- 
row division bars, and may be used singly 
as well as in pairs. 


Manufactured of Clear Soft Pine, Birch or Sap Gum for 
enameled or painted surfaces and in Red Oak, Birch, Red 
Gum or Sap Gum for stained or natural finishes. 

BW-3380 is made in standard widths of 4'-0" and 4'-6"; in 
heights of 6'-8" and 7'-0". . ■ 

BW-3384 is made in standard widths of 5'-0", 5'-4", and 6'-0". 

BW-3388 is made in standard widths of 2'-6", 2'-8" and 3'-0"; 
in heights of 6'-8" and 7'-0". Glazed with good quality 
double strength glass, furnished with plain plate glass on 
special order. Bars are i/j" between glass. 



French Doors 

This particular type of door is used in all 
types of interiors. Where space is at a 
premium, Bilt-Well designs BW-3392 and 
BW-3400 are recommended because of their 
narrow width. It is a decided advantage, 
however, to have a larger opening like 
BW-3396 to make bright and airy rooms. 


Manufactured of Clear Soft Pine Birch or q™ r t 
enameled or painted surfaces and in' Red Oa fm& 
Red Gum or Sap Gum for stained or nafural Hmshes ' 

fn W ^8" 2 and f&JSjS?*** ^ ° f ™" ™ d 4 '^ 
BW-3396 is made in standard widths of 5'-0", 5'-4", and 


Bilt-Well French Doors 



Bilt-Well French Doors, when closed in the cold weath] 
keep the chilling hall-drafts out of the living room, 
unique design of French Doors is introduced in BW-34Q 
The circle top and the circular divisions in the glass gil 
these doors an unusually beautiful appearance. ThS 
outstanding features may be had at only slightly aboj 
the cost of the straight top French door. 

Manufactured of Clear Soft Pine, Birch or Sap Gum 
enameled or painted surfaces and in Red Oak, Birch, H] 
Gum, or Sap Gum for stained or natural finishes. 

BW-3404 is made in standard widths of 4'-0" and 4' 
standard heights of 6'-8" and 7'-0". 

BW-3408 is made in standard widths of 5'-0", 5'-4", & 

BW-3412 is made in standard widths of 2'-6", 2'-8" a 
3'-0"; in heights of 6'-8" and 7'-0". Glazed with go 
quality double strength glass, furnished with the p^ 
plate glass on special order. Bars are 1/2" between gl°| 

Bilt-Well Narrow-Line Trim 


Bilt-Well "Narrow-Line" trim for interiors gives a new modern touch that reflects sim- 
plicity and beauty. Lasting satisfaction is assured with the installation of this 
attractive pattern. Sizes of the various parts are: Base 5 / 8 " x 5 l h", Shoe W' x 2 k" • 
Casing 3/ 4 " x 2W, Stool 1-"/ x 3i/ 4 ", Apron 3/ 4 " x 2V 2 ", Window Stop W x 1%". 




*»—- — - •■ 

• ! 


// flfl|H 



Bill-Well Narrow-Line Trim 

In this popular design graceful varied curves which create interesting shadows, are 
obtained in the new modern narrow lines. Casting interesting shadows are worked 
out in conjunction with modern narrow lines. The effect is simple and pleasing. 
Furnished in Clear Soft Pine or any standard hardwood. Sizes: Base %" x 41/^ 
Base Mould 5/ 8 " x 7/ 8 », Shoe l/ 2 " x 2/4", Casing }£" x 2y 4 ", Plinth Blox 3/ 4 " x 21/ 2 ", Stool 
1" x 3", Apron 3/ 4 " x 2y 4 ", Window Stop i/ 2 " x 1%". 


Bilt-Well Narrow-Line Trim 

This attractive interior trim gives the desired effect of narrow modern lines. Plain 
but not severe, it creates an impression of refinement, and of dignity. Furnished in 
Clear Soft Pine or any standard hardwood. Dimensions of the various parts of this 
combination are as follows: Base 5/ 8 " x 3W', Base Mould T \" x 3/ 4 ", Shoe l/ 2 " x 3/ 4 ", 
Casing %" x 21/4", Stool 3/ 4 " x 3", Apron 3/ 4 » x 2V 2 ", Stop »/ 2 " x 13/ 8 ". 


Bilt-Well Narrow-Line Trim 

This is another of the many tasteful combinations which has met the favor of prom- 
inent Architects and Builders. The one-piece backbond style is very popular be- 
cause of its beauty and economy of application. Furnished in Clear Soft Pine 
or any standard hardwood. Dimensions of the various parts are: Base Ye" x 3V2" 
Base Mould s/ 8 " x iy 8 ", Casing 3/ 4 » x 2i/ 2 ", Stool 1-tV' x 3", Apron 3/ 4 » x 2i/ 2 ", Window 
Stop 1/2" x W, Shoe 1/2" x 3/ 4 ". 



Bilt-Well Interior Trim 

^ s !. in £ satisfaction is assured with the installation of this practical design of Bilt- 
Well Trim. The backhanded casing and the two-member base make installation 
?^ Y ' oif« r n lshe w in , , C l eOT S ° ft Pine or any stand ^d hardwood. Sizes: Base 

/ 8 X 3 K' B ^H?^i tV 'o X 3/4 "' Shoe W ' x %"' Casin 9 %" x 35/ 8 ", Stool 3/ 4 » x 2%» 
Apron 3/ 4 " x 2i/ 2 ", Window Stop l/ 2 " x 1%" 




flilt-Well Modern Trim 

This modern design of Bilt-Well trim is outstanding because of the combination of 
Modern design and desirable narrow lines. Generally furnished in dark-colored 
hardwood. Sizes: Base 3/ 4 » x 3%", Shoe l/ 2 " x %", Casing %" x 13/ 4 ", Head Casing 
1 T L" x 4V 8 ", Apron %" x 35/3", Stool l*fc" x 3", Window Stop W x 1%". 


Bilt-Well Interior Trim 

This is another Narrow-Line trim designed to conform with the Modern trend toward 
simplicity. Plainness is overcome by the rounded corner on casing and backbond. 
Sizes: Base 3/ 4 » x 51/2", Shoe W x %", Casing %" x 21/4", Backbond 3/ 4 " x ,1-^", 
Stool 1" x 3", Apron %" x 2i/ 4 ", Stop l/ 2 " x 1%". The present standard sizes, how- 
ever, of this pattern are: Casing y A " x 3 5 / 8 ", Base %" x 71/4", the balance of mem- 
bers are standard as listed above. 


Bilt-Well Cornice Moulds, Astragals, 
Corner Beads, aod Thresholds 

BW-3590 (Illustrated at the left.) 

This is a very attractive Cornice Moulri 
tor the intersection of ceiling and walk 
in the principal rooms of the horrid 
It is usually finished to match the trinl 
of the room. This design includes n 
picture mould. Projects 43/ 8 " f rom Wa n 
and has a drop of 6" including picture 
moulding. B 

BW-3592 (Illustrated at the left.) 

A very appropriate Cornice Mould for 
Modern-American interiors. This design 
is made up of three members and is 
unusually attractive because of the 
highlights and shadows due to the 
shape of the mould. Projects 4%" from 
the -wall and has a drop of 43/ 8 ", 

BW-3594 (Illustrated at the left.) 

This is a design of a Cornice Mould 
that harmonizes with an English treat- 
ment. The main mould is comprised of 
a large cove with a moulded edge. A 
picture mould is also included with this 
large moulding, and is placed as close 
to the main moulding as possible, per- 
mitting only enough space between to 
insert the hook for hanging pictures 
Projects 35/ 8 " from the wall, and has a 
drop of 43/ 4 " including picture mould. 


The above Cornice Moulds are avail- 
able in Clear Soft Pine, Yellow Pine 
Plain Red Oak, Unselected Birch Red 
Gum and Sap Gum. 








L^dTo^^ Beads, and Thresholds manu- 

two edges of the doors meet BW 3W8 ™H RW ffinn -^ Sl J dmg d °° rs where the 

These Astragals are furnished n cZ'nl tin P B ^ 00 S 1 ™ intended for French Doors. 
Sap Gum, and Plain tSdSSt^^^Zj^ "' UnSelected Birch < Red G ™- 
S^laL^oX 3604 ' BW " 36 ° 6 ' 1% " * 4 '"°" ma? be had ° f Yel1 - ^-, Unselected Birch 

tomtit ?c? sTof ^ol^Sr alS Tto^rVw stltt^ ^ ft"™* *"» ^^ 

for outside doors. Made of Clear Solid Oafs'l'S x %' f **** ^^ reaS ° n 

Bilt-Well Cased Archway— BW-3614 

Bilt-Well Cased Archways 

The arch trimmed with wood is rapidly replac- 
ing plastered arches due to the fact that wood 
trim protects the corners. It is also an advan- 
tage in decorating to have a stopping point 
between rooms with different wall trims. The 
designs illustrated on this page are for a typical 
Colonial treatment although BW-3614 runs very 
much in the direction of the "Modern". 

Bilt-Well Cased Archway— BW-361 6 

Manufactured of Clear Soft Pine, Birch or Sap Gum 
for enameled finish and in Red Oak, Birch, Red Gum 
or Sap Gum for stained or natural surfaces. BW-3614 
is manufactured in a standard size of 6'-0" x 8'-0". 
BW-3616 is 4'-0" x 8'-0" and BW-3618 is 6'-0" x 8'-0". 
The height of these may be reduced in accordance 
with the height of the ceiling of the room. 

Rough Opening 

BW-3614 and BW-3618 

Width 6'-2y 2 ". 

-Radius 8'-5", 

BW-3616— Radius 2'-iy 4 ", Width 
4'-2)/ 2 ". 

Bilt-Well Cased Archway— BW-3618 


Bilt-Well Cased Archways 

These attractive designs will add much to 
the beauty of the interior of the home. The 
curved tops serve to break- up the straight 
lines of the walls and are far more practical 
than plain plastered archways. 

Design BW^3620 is very similar to those on 
the preceding page, being another Colonial 

BW-3622 and BW-3624 are distinctly English 
Architectural Style. 

Manufactured in Clear Soft Pine, Birch or Sap Gum 
lor enameled finish and in Red Oak, Birch Red 

Dw m ocon Sap Gum for stained °r natural surfaces. 
bW-dbZU is manufactured in a standard size of 5'-0" 

£Sr°''"o^" 3622 is 5 '-°" x 8 '-°"< and BW-3624 is 
4-0 x 8 -0 . The height of these may be reduced 
in accordance with the height of the ceiling of the 

Rough Opening 

BW-3620— Radius 6'-9%", Width 5'-2l/ 2 " 
BW-3622— Square Head Width 5'-2i/ 2 " 
BW-3624— Radius 4' '-iy 4 ". Width 4'-2i/ 2 " 


Bilt-Well Wall Paneling 



Bilt-Well Wall Paneling has rich- 
ness of appearance usually found 
only in the more costly homes. 
Yet when upkeep economy is con- 
sidered the cost compares favor- 
ably with that of less distinctive 
wall treatments. 

This beautiful wall covering is 
furnished in standard units, con- 
sisting of a fireplace, a bookcase, 
a door, or paneled section. The 
individual sections are put to- 
gether in the plant and are deliv- 
ered to the job ready to set in 
place. Each section is made with 
tongue and groove edges. 

Dimensions of sectional units will be 
sent to Dealers, Architects and Builders 
upon request. . ' 



Bilt-Well Knotty Fine 
Wall Covering 

Simple colonial charm is easily ob- 
tained with the use of Bilt-Well Knotty 
Pine Wall covering. The natural beauty 
of texture and grain creates an im- 
pression of coziness and warmth. Bilt- 
Well Wall Paneling is made of solid 
wood in random 6", 8", and 10" widths, 
and in 8'-6" and 9'-0" lengths, tongued 
and grooved together. The scalloped 
strip around the top is furnished in 
lO'-O", 12'-0", and 16'-0" lengths. All is 
kiln-dried and should not be installed 
in the building until the plaster is 
thoroughly dry. 



CoL o sj iaL 5tyll 



-aeLy Amleica 

Colonial Mantels 


Dimensions of BW-3650. Height to top of shelf 4'. 5 l/ 4 " 
length 6 -6% , width of shelf 71/ 2 ", height of wood 
opening 3-1", and width of wood opening 4'-2" 
Cerate opening 3'-0" x 2'-6". 

Dimensions of BW-3654. Height to top of shelf 4'-5%" 
length 5M1", width of shelf 7%«. height of wood open- 
ing 3-1 , and width of wood opening 4'-0" Grate 
opening 3'-4" x 2'-9". ' 

Dimensions of BW-3658. Height to top of shelf 4'-4%« 

™?lf~l/C' Wid I h ° f , Shelf 7 W- he >^t of wood 

of wood opening 4'-3". 

A handsome array of Colonial Mantels, well 
designed to combine stateliness and beauty. 
These mantels are authentic reproductions of 
early Colonial designs, and will add an at- 
mosphere of coziness to the home. Manufac- 
tured in Clear Soft Pine. Completely assem- 
bled. Packed one to a carton. 

opening 3'-3", and width 
Grate opening 3'-0" x 2'-6". 







Manufactured in Clear Soft Pine. Completely assembled 
hacked one to a carton. Dimensions of BW-3660 Height to 
top of shelf 4'-3", length 6'-6", width of shelf 7i/ 2 ", height of 
wood opening 2'-liy 8 ", and width of wood opening 4'-H/ 4 " 
Grate opening as illustrated is 2'-10" x 2'-2l/ 2 ". 

Dimensions of BW-3664. Height to top of shelf 4'-4%« length 
6-U/4 , width of shelf 7W, height of wood opening 3'-3" 
and width of wood opening 4'-3". Grate opening 3'-0" x 2'-6".' 

Dimensions of BW-3668. Height to top of shelf 4'-2", length 
5-6% , width of shelf 5 T \", height of wood opening 3'-H/ 2 " 
and width of wood opening 4'-0". Grate opening 2M0" 
x Z -0 . 

Colonial Mantels 

The entire line of "Bilt-Well" Mantels 
are proportioned to appear massive, 
a matter of paramount importance. 
Each mantel has a spacious shelf. 
The mouldings give the desired im- 
pression of depth and the pilasters 
denote sturdiness. 


Real master craftsmanship is apparent on casual ex- 
amination of these attractive mantels for the home o r 
apartment of English design. The rugged beauty igl 
characteristic of the old English Mantels. These designs 
are followed out, like all "Bilt-Well" products in highest 
grade materials and finest workmanship. 


BW-3670 is furnished in Plain Red Oak, Put together. Dimensions: 
—Height to top of shelf 4'-8i/ 4 ", length 5'-9y 4 ", width of shelf 7", 
height of wood opening 3'-7", and width of wood opening 3'-ll". 

BW-3674. Can be furnished for any opening size. Plain Red Oak. 
Made to standard size which allows cutting to fit any normal size { 
opening. Material 7'-0" long mitred one end only; height 3'-lly4 
including plinth block. KD in three parts. 

BW-3678. Manufactured of Plain Red Oak. In the white. Dimen- 
sions:— Height to top of shelf 4'-7l/ 8 ". length 6'-l", width of shelf 
7y%", height of wood opening 2'-9", and width of wood opening 
3'-ll". Grate opening 2'-10" x 2'-6". 



are is warmth and friendliness expressed in these 
motional" designs. Simple yet exquisite, they will 
g retain their style. The primary purpose, however, 
:o place within reach of the admirers of Modernism a 
)ice of mantels in complete harmony with household 
nishings of that inspiration, and these Bilt-Well Man- 
; will help carry out the modernistic effect desired. 

Bilt-Well Mantels 
of Modern Styles 

illy manufactured in Unselected Birch, which has a surface 
fble for either enamel or stain and varnish. Available in all 
liar woods on special request. 

dimensions of BW-3680 are:— Height to top of shelf 4'-5 T ' 5 ", 
th 6'-73/ 8 ", width of shelf §y 2 " , height of wood opening 3'-4"' 
width of wood opening 3'-8". Grate opening 3'-0" x 3'-0". 

msions of BW-3684 are:— Overall height 4'-2l/ 4 ", overall width 
4 , height of wood opening 2'-ll", and width of wood open- 
3 -8". Grate opening 3'-0" x 2'-7". 

pnsions of BW-3688 are:— Height to top of shelf 4'-2", and length 
2 , width of shelf 5'/ 2 ", height of wood opening 2'-10", and 
n of wood opening 3'-8". Overall size 7'-2" x 4'-2" Grate 

ing 3'-0" x 2'-6". 




Bilt-Well Mantel Shelves 

The designs illustrated offer a wide assortment from 
which to make a selection. Each design includes 
the shelf, the moulding for under the shelf, and 

an apron. The stone or brick fireplaces in these 
illustrations are merely to suggest the attractive 
possibilities in this important feature of the home. 


Manufactured principally in Plain Red Oak for stained 
and varnished surfaces or Clear Soft Pine for painted 


surfaces. Available in other woods. Standardized for 
a fireplace 6'-0" wide with a 16" return, width of shelf 9". 

Colonial Bookcases 

hese new Bilt-Well Bookcases will add much to the 
ttractiveness and convenience of a new house or bring 
.ew beauty to your present home. 

Manufactured principally in Clear Soft Pine. Furnished also in 
Red Oak, Birch, Red Gum, and Sap Gum when specified KD 
semi-assembled. Recess required for BW-3710 2'-9" wide, 6'-9" 
high and l'-2" deep. Recess required for BW-3712 2'-9" wide 6'-9" 
high, and l'-2" deep. Recess for BW-3714, 2M0»/ 4 " wide, 7'-6>/ 8 " 
high, and l'-0l/ 2 " deep. No hardware included. 


ilt-Well Bookcases, like all good furniture, 
re carefully constructed of selected materials 
ith tongued and grooved joints on doors 
id drawers. The shelves are adjustable, 
srmitting the distance between to be reg- 
ated according to the size of the books to 
3 placed on them. Paneled doors below 
mceal a handy storage compartment, a 
mvenience in any room. 




Bilt-Well Bookcases 



Design BW-3716 is an appropriate selection for the Colonial 
Home and derives much of its beauty from the simple lines 
which are characteristic of this particular type of architec- 
ture^ Furnished in Clear Soft Pi ne , Red Oak, Birch R ed 
u- ? _. f? 9 ,,, , m - Rec I uir ed recess is 2'-93/ 4 " w id e 7'-6" 
nigh and 1 -1 deep. 

BW-3718 lends itself to "Functioned" Styling which is gain- 
ing prominence in the household furnishing line. The two 

menfanlT SS ^'^ f™ ilush ^ ^the circle orna- 
£'£ handles ^ e Rented on the surface of the doors, 
inis bookcase as illustrated is Red Gum Veneered Con- 

wiH Tqu» u- B u FCh °™ ameni - Recess required is 2'-8y 2 " 
wide, 6-91/2" high, and l'-0i/ 2 " deep. 

fn\vl°^ . intend ed for English interiors, is illustrated 
in Birch and is available in Red Oak, Birch, Clear Soft Pine, 

3' 2" wi5. ne 7' 4f/ d ^ Um v. ° r ^fe The re ^ ired rece ^ ta 
J-z wide, 7-41/2 high, and l'-0|/ 2 " deep. 



E U- ' — ~~ " 

Bilt-Well Bookcases 



The illustrations on these pages are of standard designs oi 
"Bilt-Well" Bookcases which have been standardized for uni- 
formity and economy in production. For this reason, no one 
can afford to build a new house or remodel his present home 
without giving some consideration to the low cost attractive- 
ness these new designs will add. Design BW-3722 is for an 
English interior and is illustrated in Plain Red Oak. Recess 
required 2'-10" wide, 6'-9y 2 " high, and I'-Ofo" deep. 

BW-3724 is a Colonial design illustrated in a Clear Soft Pine 
with an enameled surface but is not finished at the factory. 
Recess required 2'-10" wide, 7'-l" high, and l'-l" deep. 

BW-3726 may be used in either English, Spanish, or Italian 
interiors and is illustrated in Red Gum. Recess required 2'-2" 
wide, 3'-0" high, and 6" deep. 

The hardware is not included. These designs are manu- 
factured in Clear Soft Pine, Yellow Pine, Red Oak. Birch, 
Red Gum or Sap Gum. K.D. Semi-assembled. 







Bilt-Well Modern Designs of Telephone Cabinets 

There is a distinct advantage in having one of these telephone cabinets where the 'phone can be 
kept within easy reach and still not be in the way. It eliminates using valuable floor space for a 
'phone table, and in addition it creates the impression of completeness. 

BW-3736 and BW-3740 are manufactured in Red Gum 
trimmed with Birch, concealed structural parts of 
Clear Soft Pine. Put together, but without hardware. 
This makes the cabinet suitable for either a natural 
finish or enameled surface. Recess required for both 
above cabinets — V-TXfa" wide, 3'-l" high, and 4" deep. 


Colonial Telephone Cabinet BW-3744 is produced in 
Clear Soft Pine. In the white. Put together. Recess 
required l'-2%" wide, 2'-5" high, and 4" deep. 

BW-3748 is produced in Clear Soft Pine. In the white. 
Put together. Recess required l'-l" wide, 2'-5" high, 
and 4" deep (including the plastered recess above the 




OMUL L^fidMtl C**A&4 



Bilt-Well Corner and China Cabinets 


_____j i 




These beautiful designs of Bilt-Well China Cabinets are manufactured 
in standard sizes and make an impressive piece of furniture for the' 
home. A very attractive arrangement can be effected by using 
them in pairs in opposite corners of the dining room. These cabinets 
have adjustable shelves both above and below the ledge, and provide 
ample room for displaying fancy china above, as well as a convenient 
storage space for dishes below. These attractive Bilt-Well Corner 
Cabinets are carefully constructed of Clear Soft Pine. 

KD semi-assembled. Furnished in the white. Recess required for BW-3752 and 

BW-3756 is 2'-7l/ 2 " wide, 6'-10" high, and l'-23/ 4 " deep. 

BW-3754 required a recess oi 2'-8" wide, Q'-W/ 2 " high, and l'-3" deep. 

BW-3758 does not require a recess. Overall size 3'-6" wide, 8'-2" high, and l'-3l/i" 


Note: Furnished with or without back. No hardware included. 






BW-3768 is furnished principally in Birch with Red 
Gum trimmings. KD semi-assembled in the white 
Recess required is 2'-8i/ 2 " wide, 6'-9" high, and l'-0%" 
deep. BW-3772 is manufactured in Clear Soft Pine 
throughout. KD semi-assembled. In the white Re- 
cess required 3'-2%" wide, 6'-9" high, and l'-2" 

deep. BW-3776 and BW-3780 hang on the surface of 
the wall. The overall dimensions of BW-3776 are 3'-2" 
wide, 3'-23/ 4 " high, and 8'/ 2 " deep. The overall dimen- 
sions of BW-3780 is 2'-63/ 4 " wide, 3'-5i/ 2 " high, and 
l'-6%" deep. They are furnished with or without back. 
No hardware included. 





Bill- Well Corner and China Cabinets 

The designs illustrated on this page are quite appropriate 
tor English interiors, except BW-3790. 

Design BW-3782 is intended to be installed in a corner recess. 

BW-3786, although intended for the corner of the room, does 
not necessarily require being built-in. 

BW-3790 is movable and is not intended to be built-in. This 
is a very attractive design for "Early American" interiors, 
whch adds a great deal of charm to its surroundings. 
BW-3794 is recessed into a straight wall; it can also be 
located in the corner of a room, by making special prepara- 
tions in the rough opening. 

BW-3782. BW-3786 and BW-3794 
are manufactured in Plain Red 
Oak, but can also be furnished 
in Clear Soft Pine, Birch, Sap 
Gum, or Red Gum. The recess 
required for BW-3782 is 2'- 10" 
wide, 6'-9i/ 2 " high, and l'-31/ 2 " 
deep. Recesses required for BW- 
3786 is 2'-8" wide, 6'-9'/ 2 " high, 
and l'-4" deep. Side Board BW- 
3790 is 4'-7" wide, 5'-6" high, 
overall lower section 2'-0" deep, 
upper section 91/ 2 " deep and is 
usually furnished in Knotty Pine 
or Clear Soft Pine. KD semi-as- 
sembled. No hardware included. 
BW-3794 China Cabinets require 
a recess 3'-0'/2" wide, 6'-9l/ 2 " high 
and l'-0 3 /4" deep. 







Dining Innks 

Two of the illustrations on this page are newly 
introduced designs unusually interesting in 
their general make-up. These are BW-3804 
and BW-3808. It is suggested that the decora 
tive grooves in the surface of BW-3804 be 
emphasized by the painter in the finishing 
process. BW-3808 does not include the leather 
upholstered cushions illustrated, but these can 
be furnished when specified. 

BW-3806 is a stock design which has been 
popular for years. It is still considered one 
ot the most attractive, and is unusually in- 
expensive because of the large volume of pro- 
duction on this particular design 
Manufactured in Clear Soft Pine. KD semi-assembled 
In the white Dimensions of BW-3804 and BW-3806 are 
2-2 wide, 4'-0" long and 2'-6" high for the table 

w&tdWSp!'- 5 *" long - Space — -d ta ^ 

wal! 9n anH W r fi" 8 ' 1 Dimensi ? ns °< -at 4'-6" along left 
wall and 3 -6 along right wall. Table 2'-0" wide 
J -0 long, and 2'-6" high. ' 

Bilt-Well All 
Purpose Cabinets 

These divider cabinets are used 
between living and dining rooms 
as illustrated above; or between 
dinette and kitchenette in apart- 
ments and residences. 


They are by no means old-fash- 
ioned and can be located, as 
suggested, to give a very modern 
appearance. These cabinets can 
also be placed side by side around 
the wall, as many as desired, for 

Design BW-3810-Manufactured of Clear 
Soft Pine. Put together. No hardware in- 
cluded. Furnished in the white Made 
in pairs of left and right hand cabinets 
Mock dimensions 2'-0" wide, 3'-6" hiah 
and IOI/4" deep. ' 

When these all-purpose" cabinets are used between living and 

' n Vr V e 7 PleaSmg deC ° ratiVe effa is P-ducer When 
used between kitchenette and dinette, the glass doors offer an un 
usual opportunity to add a little decoration by placing colored glass 
ware or fancy dishes on the shelves. 9 




mil| -^wS5k 

Register" *** 

E- N C^L 

^ M ^>TYL 


Bilt-Well Nu-Style 
Kitchen Eabinets 

The illustrations on these two pages show actual 
installations of Bilt-Well Nu-Style Kitchen ^Kabi- 
nets. All of these attractive lay-outs have been 
developed with standard units selected from the 
complete line shown on Page 113. This method 
of furnishing the cabinets in units has two dis- 
tinct advantages. First: — It affords the housewife 
or the architect freedom in arranging the equip- 
ment for greatest utility, convenience, and effi- 
ciency. Second: — It makes the installation eco- 
nomical, these cabinets have been standardized 
and are produced at a minimum cost. 

These outstanding examples of beautiful, eco- 
nomical, and practical kitchen cabinets offer the 
housewife the utmost attractiveness through un- 
usual simplicity which eliminates all dust-collect- 
ing frills. Bilt-Well Nu-Style Kitchen Kabinets 
make kitchen work a delight, introducing a type 
of convenience the housewife has never be- 
fore experienced. These cabinets are offered in 



three beautiful finishes, and are painted at the 
factory unless ordered in natural wood. These 
finishes are the very latest colors: Modern Green, 
Lustrous Ivory, and Sanitary White, which are 
the standard colors for present day enamel ware, 
kitchen ranges, and refrigerators. 

The handles are of hardwood, always furnished 
black unless ordered without paint. They pro- 
vide a firm finger grip, and are located within 
easy reach to eliminate stooping and stretching 
to open drawers and doors. These kitchen cabi- 
nets have an auxiliary base (not part of the 
cabinet) set 2 inches back from the face of the 
cabinets to provide toe space. This permits stand- 
ing up close in a comfortable working position. 
By eliminating unnecessary steps, and simplifying 
and facilitating kitchen work, "Bilt-Well" becomes 
the one type of cabinet that meets all demands 
of the modern kitchen. 



Bilt-Well Nil-Style 
Kitchen Kabinets 

Close-up view showing end of 
cabinet and edge of drawers. 

An outstanding feature of this design is thi way the 
counter-top', drawers, and doom all fit -together like 
a solid slab when the cabinet is closed. The above 
illustration of this particular feature is a three- 
fourths front view of the lower unit, looking directly 
at the corner of the counter and the edges of the 
drawers. l 

Close-up view showing por- 
tion of drawer in partly open 

In the above illustration the drawer is partly open to 
show how it overlaps the front frame, forming a dust- 
proof enclosure. 

The illustration at the right shows the dove-tailed, 
inter-locking joint on the drawers. This photograph 
was taken with the drawer turned upside down; the 
joint does not show on the top edge of the drawer as 
can be seen in the upper left hand illustration. 

The drawers will be equipped with rollers if this 
special accessory is ordered with the cabinet; other- 
wise, the drawers run on a smooth strip and slide 
easily, conserving energy and thus lightening a 
woman's work in the kitchen. 

Close-up view showing dove- 
tailed corner of drawer. 


maS^ matched units; they are 

l'-l%" deep. Sink and lo^r units ^eTo3/« l , nclude d. Ceiling and upper units are 
standard kitchen equipment TJnTt No I] I whir ?? P -n ? £ the regulOT depth ° f aI1 
pages, is 2'-0%" deep Broom closet No ?1 R ™H f lllustrc l e . d on M one ° f the following 
in both l'-13/ 4 » and 2'-03/ 4 " deD th Th! ., li, and storage cabinet No. 18-S are available 
specified. l /4 PhS ' The auxihar Y (toe space) base is not furnished unless 


Illustration of a typical Up- 
per Unit. The circle in the 
center is a xiagnified view 
of the corner of one of the 
shelves. Notice the triangu- 
lar block. 

In the shelf corner pic- 
tured in the magnified 
circle above, a triangu- 
lar block is placed to 
facilitate cleaning. This 
feature is present in all 
four corners of every 


■^-H, l_P fi , "NITS 48-LorR- , , v 

"T^l F^l r^\ Ir^ r^ii Url L E u n i t s 


24-U 2i-U 

St^U'^LJ £ a k^ CEILING ANffE UNIT? 
V~^n i — -r v '7" ~~3 i -^ Kile"*) "" 

31-CA2- 11. 1 

18-CA2. l!i-l 


"" "■■■ 

"i :■ 


Bilt-Well Nii-Style 
Kitchen Kabinets 

These are inside views showing many outstanding 
accessory available in connection with Bilt-Well 
Nu-Style Kitchen Kabinets. The bread and cake 
drawer BW-3830, which is located in the bottom of 
material ^ **** *" mad ° ° f non - rustc *le 

A flour bin, BW-3832, equipped with a sieve to hold 
lbs. of flour may be furnished installed in one of 
the upper units. 

A sugar bin, BW-3834, can also be installed in an 
upper unit, and this has a capacity for 10 lbs of 
sugar. It is made with an extension, which permits 
it to swing m and out. 

Carving and moulding board, BW-3836, is completely 
concealed behind the door, a great improvement 
over having the edge of the board exposed. No un- 
t'dy appearance if a trace of flour is overlooked for 
ater use the board is put behind the door and out 





Bilt-Well JVu-Style 
Kitchen fiabinets 

The cooking-utensil compartment as illustrated 
above for Bilt-Well Nu^Style Kitchen Kabinets, 
has been recommended for the orderly kitchen by 
many prominent women's magazines. This can 
be furnished for any of the lower units, whichever 
works out as the handiest place, and is fashioned 
to slide back and forth in the cabinet. 


This illustration shows an extra compartment for 
knives, forks, and spoons which is just laid in a 
top drawer {without affixing), so as to be remov- 
able for cleaning purposes, ft is made in a stand- 
ard size as follows:-13" wide; 16" long; and 2" 
deep inside. 


The rack illustrated directly above is an unusually 
handy thing for keeping pans and lids in a defi- 
nite place, in keeping with present-day order- 
liness in the kitchen. 

The Ironing Board shown at the right is the Bilt-Well Unit No 21-1 and is 
concealed m a broom and storage compartment. The framework is 
attached to the back of the door, and when the board is not in Tse the 
door swings open and shut in the usual way. 

Grouping a series of Biltwell sectionrrl ,mit rt i 

The above diagram illustrates the method In E n t%° <*? C ° mplete Cabmet is ^ **&* 
establish a convenient place for the refrSera or and ^ ^u 5 IS recom ™ended at the outset to 

available, which will determine the width^c the unhs to h^™ ^ !T S? S P ° mt the cabin ^ space 
advantage when the kitchen equipmen ffo lows C same oX^f The P 1 ^ - developed to^est 
in food preparation, starting with the refriaemtn 12 ft sequence as the corresponding steps 

nearest the dining room. retngerator and finishing with the range at the end of the lme 

All Bilt-Well Nu-Style Kitchen Kabinet units are 
equipped with a combination top consisting of fabri- 
cated wood and inlaid linoleum surface with colors 
to match that which will be used on the cabinets. 
It should be determined when ordering the cabinets 
whether or not a one piece top, the full length of 
he cabinet, is desired and the order should specify 
these details. These linoleum tops can be used 

with porcelain enameled iron, monel metal, stain- 
ess steel or linoleum composition sinks and cabinet 

tops. This can be handled in a very satisfactory 

way by ordering the sink top to cover cabinet sink 

unit only. Stainless steel and monel metal have 

their natural metallic surface while porcelain enam- 
eled iron and linoleum composition sinks are carried 

in standard shades of green, ivory and white to 

match the three "Bilt-Well" colors. 

Standard equipment is: - Two faucet holes, eight 

inches (center to center), and, a 4" drain opening for 
Scoville or "Standard Sanitary" K878 Crumb Cup 

Dual Strainer. This strainer and faucets are not fur- 
nished I with the sink but can be obtained from your 
local Plumber. The standard sinks are 60" and 72" 

R°w g , Jf, a I6 " X 22 " Sink Wl for BW " 384 6 and 
BW-3848 designs. BW-3850 and BW-3852 are stand 
ard in 81", 87" and 92" lengths with a 16" x 22" sink 
bowl. BW-3854 is 48" long with a 16" x 22" sink 
bowl on right or left hand side. When ordering the 
latter please specify whether you desire sink bowl 
on right or left. State color desired. 



Bilt-Well Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets 


These illustrations give a general 
idea of the kitchen cabinet made to 
meet the individual needs of the 
housewife according to the size of 
the family, the location of windows* 
and the relative position of the range - 
and the refrigerator. The word cus- 
tom-made implies that the cabinets 
are manufactured especially for the 
particular kitchen for which the,y 
are ordered. Therefore, the illustra- 
tions are tentative suggestions for an 
attractive arrangement. The depth 
of the upper section in both illustra- 
tions is l'-2", and the depth of the 
lower section is l'-10". The cabinets 
run to the ceiling and 8'-6" is con- 
sidered the standard height. These 
cabinets are furnished without backs 
unless the order states that these are 
to be included. 

Design BW-3862 is approximately 9'-6' 

Design BW-3866 is approximately 10'-6' 




Bilt-Well C «stoni Made Kitchen Cabin 



One of the many desirable features 
about Bilt-Well Custom-Mad 
Kitchen Cabinets is that the drawers 
and shelves can be arranged accord 
mg to the housewife's own individ 
ual ideas. Obviously, the amount 
of storage space to be provided de- 
pends entirely on the number of 
dishes and cooking utensils to be 
placed in the cabinet. 

These illustrations are examples of 
convenient, compact, and attractive 
kitchen cabinet arrangement which 
not only provides the greatest effi- 
ciency at a moderate cost, but also 
enhances the value of the house 

The two plans suggested consist of cab 

)' in" j u«ep and the lower section 

t -1U deep. BW-?R7n i tllon 


The illustration at the right of BW-3878 
shows a practical size Bilt-Well Custom- 
Made Kitchen Cabinet for a family of 
two. Ample room is provided for every- 
thing that. is generally kept in a cabinet. 
The storage compartment behind the small 
doors just below the ceiling is a convenient 
space for storing canned goods. 

Design BW-3882 illustrated below is in- 
tended for a family of five. It is larger in 
proportion than any of the other illustra- 
tions, but the practical housewife prefers 
to keep the shelves and drawers in an 
orderly condition— not jammed full— and 
this necessitates more than the minimum 
amount of cabinet space. ' l 

Illustration BW-3878 at the top is l'-2" deep above 
the ledge and l'-lO" below. The main section is 
8 -0 long and the wing section 4'-0" long. 

Cabinet Design BW-3882 is installed between two 
walls which are approximately 13M0" apart The 
portion along the right wall is 7'-6" long. 

The standard height for both BW-3878 and BW-3882 
is 8'-6" from floor to ceiling. The height to the 
ledge from the floor is 2'-10". 





These kitchen cabinet designs are 
made to fit in with the ideas of the 
individual housewife as to the space 
desired for different items of kitchen- 
ware. BW-3886 contains considerably 
more capacity below than above. This 
illustrates the flexibility of Bilt-Well 
Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets in 
which the plan is fitted to specific 
needs. The main cabinet is approx- 
imately 9'-0" long and the right winq 
lO'-O" long. 

Suggestion BW-3890 is an attractive 
arrangement for a small family in 
which flour, dishes, pans, and table 
cloths can be kept. The cabinet and 
sink complete measures approximately 
1 l'-O" wide. The upper section is l'-2" 
deep and the lower l'-10". These 
proportions are for an 8'-6" ceiling. 

These cabinets are available in Clear 
Soft Pine, Gum, Birch, or Oak. 




Ma^e^feSn^CcS^ 6 ™" lil ? uation of ,?«! Custom- glass doors, for the housewife who takes unusual delight in 

Made Kitchen Cabinets, and m suggestion BW-3894, the having her kitchen and dishes admired bv others Glass 

Stl e L an aTn e B' lona aP o Pr °th matel n t 8 '"°'' ^ ^ ^ $*? ^ V ^ praCticaI <™* ™ * ?Xiv J use f S modS 

RWWfi\ , , ,, g t - " S*. r,ght Y lng - Su ggeshon kitchens. The cabinet lay-out is lO'-O" wide, 7'-4" high- l'-2" 

BW-3898 is a very attractive kitchen cabinet with upper deep above the shelf, and l'-lO" below the shelf. 

1 3MiL. <SPT 8asP 



Kitchen Cabinet 

These miscellaneous parts may be spe- 
cified as original equipment when order- 
ing Bilt-Well Custom-Made Kitchen Cabi- 
nets on the preceding pages, or they may 
be ordered separately for the purpose of 
rebuilding old cabinets. They are made 
to measurement as required for each par- 
ticular case. The swinging flour bin, BW- 
3902 and tilting flour bin, BW-3906, are 
modern conveniences in the kitchen. In 
the case of BW-3902 a metal flour con- 
tainer is placed on the shelf which is 
hinged at the side to operate as a swing- 
ing platform. Drawer BW-3904, made to 
the required dimensions, consists of dove- 
tailed front, tongued and grooved sides, 
back, and bottom. Bread Board, BW-3910, 
can be added to any present cabinet or 
specified for any location in Bilt-Well Cus- 
tom-Made Kitchen Cabinets. Drain Board, 
BW-3912, provides a convenient place to 
stack dishes along side of the sink. The 
grooves on the top are made to drain the 
water into the bowl. Cabinet Top and 
Sink, BW-3914, consists of "tempered 
pressed wood" in natural color with a 
white porcelain enameled iron sink-bowl, 
size 20" x 30". It is made in special 
lengths to meet individual requirements, 
and is constructed with a rubber gasket 
between the sink bowl and the top to 
prevent any seepage of water into the 
storage compartment below. 













Bilt-Well Cabinet Doors 

The illustrations at the right are standard 
designs of cabinet doors available sep- 
arately or with Bilt-Well Custom-Made 
Kitchen Cabinets illustrated on the pre- 
ceding pages. BW-3916 and BW-3918 are 
wood paneled doors. BW-3920 BW-3922 
BW-3924, and BW-3926 are glass doors.' 
BW-3928 is a one piece flush-type door. 
These doors are made in any size and 
allow for the individual treatment desired 
in modern home planning. 



Bilt-Well Economy 
Kitchen Cabinets 

BUWeU has eoncen.ra.ed on ,his parhoular Une o< khchen cablets 
w*h specal regard ,o simple design, ahraciive ^ st a„dardiza,io„ 
and mass producion. The experience has been lha, this line insianiiv 
appeals ,c those seeking ,o i mproTO or bniid a modes, home The 
=ab,ne,s i, lu s,ra,ed here are siock designs, having glass doors in ihe 
npper seehon, drawers and panel doors in ,he lower seciians The 
upper seehon is l'-0» deep and ,he iower seehon V. iW , The heigh , of 

tl TlZT* is 3 '"°" ,rom ,he "°° r - They are au ™* <■ **■ 

8-6 and 9-0" heighis. BW-3930 is made in 3'-0», 3MS» and 4<-0" 

;T S: 7 v T '" 5 '-°"' 5 '- 6 " °" d 6 '-°" ^ o- BW-3934 n 11 

5-0 , and 5'-6" widths. ' 











Bilt-Well Economy 
Kitchen Cabinets 

These cabinets are the continuation of those illustrated on 
Page 123. All Bilt-Well Economy Kitchen Cabinets are semi- 
assembled in the factory. They are furnished in one standard 
wood-Clear Soft Pine, and are smoothly sanded ready for 
paint or stain and varnish. BW-3936 is l'-O" above the ledge 
and l'-4i/ 2 " below the ledge. It is equipped with a broom 
closet adjacent to the main cabinet and is similar to that in 
Design BW-3934. 


Kc;e J - -.J^ !!j^ 



( ^ 






Bilt-Well Hanging Cabinets 

These Bilt-Well Hanging Cabinets are 
designed for the kitchen and are generally 
attached to the wall, up and out of the 
way, for the purpose of conserving floor 
space. They provide additional cabinei 
space for dishes and save thousands of 
steps by being near at hand. These de- 
signs are offered in a choice of standard 
widths. BW-3938 is made 3'-0" and 4'-0" 
wide. BW-3940 is made 4'-6" and 5'-0" 
wide. Both designs are 4'-0" high and 
measure l'-O" deep. 





CoLoni/xL ^TYLL 



>: I 




Bilt-Well Colonial 

These beautiful stairways are assembled •with Bilt- 
Well Colonial Stair Parts. Illustration BW-4270 i s 
made up of the following standard numbers — BW- 
3960 and BW-3966 Newels; BW-3984 Volute; BW-4026 
Gooseneck; BW-4048 Gooseneck and Easing; BW- 
4072 Starting Tread and Riser; BW-4008 Baluster; 
BW-4090, BW-4096 and BW-4098 Treads, Riser and 
Cove; BW-4082 Hand Rail, and BW-4080 String 1 

Manufactured in Birch and suitable 'for stained or 
enameled finish. 

Bilt-Well Newels 

BW-3950— 31/4" x 31/4" x 3'- 5" 
BW-3952— 31/4" x 3V 4 " x 4'-10" 

BW-3954— 31/2' 
BW-39 56—3 1/2' 
BW-3958— 3y 4 ' 
BW-3960— 31/4' 

x 31/2" x 3'- 5" 
x 31/2" x 4'-10" 
x 31/4" x 3'- 5" 
x 31/4" x 4'-10" 

BW-3962— 3 ' 

x 3 " x 3'-8" 

BW-3964— 3 ' 

x 3 " x 5'-2" 

BW-3966— 2*4' 

x 21/4" x 3'-S" 

BW-3968— 3 " 

x 3 " x 3'-9" 

BW-3970— 23/ 4 " 

x 23/ 4 " x 3'-5" 

Bilt-Well Stair Parts 

Bilt-Well Volutes, Easings, and Goosenecks. Manufactured as stand- 
ard shapes and sizes which are absolutely uniform from one time to 
another. Made to match Colonial Rail BW-4082. 


Authentic designs of Colonial Stair Balusters ac- 
curately machined and smoothly sanded BW- 
4000 to BW-4012— iy 4 " x iy 4 " x 2'-7"— 2'-10" 3'-0" 
and 3'-3". ' ' 

Mill-Well Colonial 

The stairway is a feature oi central prominence in 
the home and' worthy of exceptional care to insure 
distinctiveness. Thought is well expended in the 
selection oi parts and only high-grade products 
should be considered. 

Bilt-Well Stair Parts are the product of men who 
devote their entire lives to the making of stairwork 
that is practical and durable as well as properly 
and cleverly designed. These Stair Parts are in 
reality works of art with their graceful curves and 
correct proportions. 

Bilt-Well Goosenecks with Quarter and Half Circle Crooks, also 
Overhand Easement shown above and in the illustration below. 
All these match Colonial Rail BW-4082. Uniformity is assured. 
Regularly produced in Birch. 

Stairway— BW-4278 

The above illustration is design BW-4278 and con- 
sists of Stair Newels BW-3954 and BW-3956; BW-4032 
Gooseneck and Easing; BW-4002 Baluster; BW-4070 
Starting Tread and Riser; BW-4082 Hand Rail; BW- 
4090, BW-4096, BW-4098, and BW-4094 Tread, Riser, 
Cove and Return Nosing; BW-4080 String Bracket, 
and Starting Easement BW-3990 for cap. 

BW-4040 LEFT 
BW-4042 RIGHT 




BW-4046 LEFT 
BW-4048 RIGHT 


BW-4064 LEFT 
BW-4066 RIGHT 

Bilt-Well Quarter-Circle level Crook; Rosette and 
Cap. Made to match typical Colonial Stair Rail 


Bill-Well Colonial 

Stairway— BW-4286 

Bilt-Well Tread, Riser, Landing Nosing, Return Nosing 
and Cove are shown in the illustration below Furnished 
m lengths for 3'-0", 3'-6", and 4'-0" stairs. BW-4090 111/," 
wide, and l&> thick. BW-4096 7%" wide and %» thick 

Half circle and Scroll end Start- 
ing Treads and Risers are shown 
in the above illustration. Fur- 
nished 4'-10y 2 " long for 4'-0" 

At the left. String Bracket BW- 
4080 and Hand Rail BW-4082 are 
illustrated. Note: — All Bilt-Well 
Colonial Stairwork is furnished 
in Birch. BW-4080 10" x 6%", 
and %" thick. BW-4082 2i/ 4 " x 
2%" and 10'-0" to 16'-0" lengths. 

Design BW-4286 suggests an attractive arrangement for 
either a large or small house. It is designed to produce a 
pleasing impression reflecting entire good taste with mod- 
ern appeal derived from, authentic Colonial. This attrac- 
tive example is the result of careful planning, and is well 
worthy of the master craftsmanship to turn out the finished 
article. It consists of BW-3958 Starting Newel- BW-4070 
Starting Tread; BW-4000 Baluster; BW-4082 Hand Rail- BW 
4080 String Bracket; BW-4090, BW-4096, BW-4094, and BW- 
4098 Tread, Riser, Cove, and Returned Nosing. Manufac- 
tured in Birch, put together as far as practical 

Bilt-Well Stairs 

in Keeping with the Modern Trend 

Stairway— BW-4294 

This illustration suggests a modem stair with the func- 
tional designing which is the prevailing motive of the 
present-day designer. It is especially adaptable to 
new homes of the Modern-American type. It is nota- 
bly free from ornamentation, having flat flush surfaces 
easy to clean. 

Starting Newel is BW-4114, Size 7fc» tapered to 5l/ 2 " ; the Land- 
ing Newel BW-4118, 5" square, the Starting Tread and Riser 
3'-6" or 4'-0" long; BW-4128; Starting Tread, BW-4090 except with 
a square nosing; Stair Riser, BW-4096; Cove BW-4098' Return 
Nosing BW-4094 except with a square nosing; Hand Rail BW- 
4126 2l/ 2 " x 3", and Stair Baluster BW-4122 tapered 1%'< to 
IV!.", 2'-8" long. 



Stairs of 
Modern Design 


Stairway— BW-4302 

^,f* tlon shcws another effective assembly 
of Bilt-Well Standard Stair Parts, in this case a 
handsome stairway in keeping with the latest trend 
of the times. It will admirably fit in with new build- 
ing in the modern manner and equally well with 
remodeling along modern lines. It gives the ac 
curate impression of an easy angle to ascend, yet 
it takes up a minimum of floor space. 

ing leads 3^8 < ^£7' Zr^' *?* 
4090, BW-4096, and BW-4098 and nH T* ^ BW " 

Wj^t BaIUS,SrS BW " 4158 W « S) andU^O 



Stairs of 



Stairway— BW-4310 

re is a most recent model created by "Bilt-Well" lor the 
me of Continental of International Style. The railing is 

interesting modern touch which will give the home in- 
'iduality and genuine new beauty. The cap of the Start- 
f Newel has reeded trimming, and the Angle Newel has 
3 simple ornamentation on the base as well. The Hand 
il harmonizes in shape with this detail, as do the curbed 
ngers. The individual parts illustrated at the right make 

this stairway of striking novelty. Starting Newel, BW- 
>8 is 6" square; Angle Newel, BW-4172 is 51/ 2 " square; 
nd Rail BW-4178 is 21/4" x 3"; Balustrade BW-4182 is l'-5" 
ie, 4'-6" long; Curbed Stringer BW-4186 is l'-O" wide; the 
ad. Riser, and Cove are BW-4090, BW-4096, and BW-4098. 


Bill-Well Stairs 
of English Design 

The illustrations an these two pages 
are unusually fine reproductions of 
old English stairways, characterized 
by the strength, ruggedness, .and 
character for which this particular 
style of architecture is noted Stair- 
way BW-4314 is an especially at- 
tractive design, and is generally lo- 
cated at one end of the living room. 
It can also be placed in the hall with 
equally proper effect. The panel 
boards, although illustrated in Oak 
which is characteristic of the English 
design, may be ordered in Knotty 
Pine if desired. 

Design BW-4318 is a stairway quite dif- 
ferent from those one is accustomed to see 
and it expresses its individuality by having 
a curbed string and a scalloped open riser 
adding a pleasing refinement to an English 

These designs are assembled from the Bilt- 
Well Standard Stair Parts illustrated on the 
S°! e P Q S es which are Starting Newel 
Z '' 5" WSl ' BW-4196 ; g BalusTet' 
W Hc \ nd R f • BW -4208; String Cap, 

W 42 6 h u° Ped RiS6r Qnd Tread ' 

rJW-4216 shown with Stairway BW-4318. 

Stairway— BW-4318 


A ■ 

Stairway— BW-4326 

Bilt-Well Stairs 
of English Design 

Here is another Bilt-Well Stair appropriate to the 
English type of Architecture. Bilt-Well stairs in any 
style are correctly designed to give a finished ef- 
fect; architectural harmony combined with Bilt-Well 
durability. This simple yet charming English stair- 
way will give lasting satisfaction with the appear- 
ance of rugged strength so characteristic of the type. 
The Bilt-Well Standard Parts making up this unusu- 
ally attractive design, are illustrated on the right. 

BW-4190 is 4" square; BW-4196 is 4" square; BW-4202 is 2'/ 2 " 
in diameter; BW-4208 is 31/4" x 13/ 4 " ; BW-4212 is 3y 2 " x P/z"; 
BW-4216 is 4l/ 8 " wide and l'-8" long. 


Bilt-Well Stairs Appropriate 
for Modern-American Design 

BiH-Weil Standard Wall Rail jftj 
above with Quarter Circfe ^*i 

Rosette fa intended for use with "box, 
***■ an assist '°r ascending and 
scendmg the stairs. This rail fa -Z 1 
ommended for open stairs at ,h e 
«**. and offers the utaos, £™ ' 

Last, but not leaqf in .k - ' 

are also recommended f™ ^ , standard P^ 
their nation-wide potior ty Th V^ H 
'he completed stanza ThlJt ?"" 

beautiful arrangements h^tnYe^fftr 

Stairway — BW-4370 


the Standard fi«li' ^t T J ° 1S 31 ^" x 15 /s"; and 
ruam andard A ^'e Newel BW-4248 fa 5" 

square; Hand Rail 
fu /2 * 3/ 2 <" an d BW-4258 is 



Linen Cabinets 

No home is complete without one of these Bilt- 
Well Linen Cabinets which are offered in an as- 
sortment of designs to meet individual needs. The 
three Cabinets illustrated are carefully designed 
to provide a convenient place for the various 
household linens. Design BW-4340 provides, in 
addition to the space for linens, a set of 6 trays. 
BW-4342 is concealed by a regular interior door 
which is an advantage from the standpoint of 
uniformity. Design BW-4344 consists of shelving 
in upper and lower compartments with drawers 
placed at a convenient height. 


Manufactured in Clear Soft Pine. Available in other popular woods 
upon request. No hardware included. Recess required for BW- 
4340 is 3'-4" wide, 6'-9%" high, and l'-8" deep. 

Recess required for BW-4342 is 2'-6l/ 2 " wide, 6'-8" high, and 2'-0y 2 " 

BW-4342 includes case of drawers 2'-6" wide x l'-9" deep x 3'-0" 
high and 2 shelves. No standards above drawers. 





Manufactured of Clear 
Soft Pine. Available in 
other popular woods 
upon request. No hard- 
ware included. 

Recess requ 
BW-4346 is 2'-2 /c 
B'-IO" high, and 

red for 


ecess required for 


is S'-2" wide 



2'-0y 2 " 6'-10" high, and 2'-2i/ ; 

ecess required for 
BW-4350 is 4'-2" wide 


6'-10" high 

and l'-8i/ 2 

Linen Cabinets 
and Wardrobes 

The illustration at the upper right hand corner 

to ton ° f -l! he t ^ WeU n lmSn CQbmetS Simi1 ^ 

to those illustrated on Page 135. This cabinet 

?n r thl\ a rf!7 l SQiul PUrp ° Se ' whether loc <*ed 
m the hall, bathroom, or bedroom. 

Design BW-4348 is the modern wardrobe which 
has proved to be the ideal place for ^oate 
suits, and dresses. The convenience of having 
one of these in each bedroom can be readS? 
appreciated after experiencing the mconve 
mence of the ordinary closet. The drawers 
will prove a handy place for many things^ 

Design BW-4350 is intended to be placed in 
the hall leading to bedrooms. The lone com 
partment on the right is intended for clLSna 
eqUX Pf5 nt V Be hind the pair of upper doors"? 
provided shelf space for blanket ^ and hnens 
This cabinet will provide convenient housina 
for many small items that always present 
storage problem. Y present a 






Bedroom Cabioets 

The trend today is to this practical type of 
closet space which will make the bedroom not 
only convenient, but fully as attractive as the 
balance of the house. 

BW-4360 is intended for men's shirts, underwear and 
similar wearing apparel. This is also a convenient 
place for various kinds of women's wearing apparel 
and can therefore be used by both husband and wife' 
Another advantage of this cabinet is that it provides a 
space for slippers and oxfords at the bottom. 

Design BW-4362 is a suitable cabinet in which to hanq 
suits dresses and coats. The upper doors open and 
reveal space for hats, etc. 

Design BW-4364 is a Combination Bedroom Cabinet 
Dressing Table shown placed at one end of the bed- 
room. It is highly appreciated by women both for its 
beauty and utility. Shelves are provided in the upper 
sections; drawers on one side and shelves on the other 
m the lower compartments. The hooks and extension 
hanger rai s are special hardware which can be in- 
cluded with the cabinet although procurable at any 
hardware store. The modern bench in illustration BW- 
43b4 can be included with the exception of the cushion 

Manufactured in Clear Soft Pine. Available in other 
popular woods upon request. No hardware included. 

The recess required for BW-4360 is 3'-0" wide 7M0" 
high, and 2'-0i/ 2 " deep. 

The recess required for BW-4362 is 4'-0" wide 7'-10" 
high, and 2'-0y 2 " deep. ' U 

The recess required for BW-4364 is lO'-O" wide 7'-0" 
high and 2'-l" deep. 


I ■< I 


Bilt-Well Venetian 
Medicine Cabinets 

opment, the medSielSS hi? W1 ' h this devel " 
necessity. These deLn <rT 7? ^J* 6 a modern 
as the latest and mosf ia^f, ? ffered .j? "BUt-Well" 
space for keepKa^nfllf r i ' providin <? abundant 

^netfeSmffilyconcSfrh^ medicine - The 
recessed into the wah anS i< Y * e m J rr ° r door ' is 
glass shelves. The demand for eqUlpped wi * plate 
cine cabinet and open shj a combmation medi- 

ated in Design BW 4376 Th' ab ° Ve ! he lavo ^ory 
at the side as fc? BW 4374 „n J^ "^ d °° r is hin 9 ed 
is identical. The open sheH 1 ^? lde , of shelf room 
mirror size of BW-4374 and W wtTw Sp 2? e - The 

-dern des^nTnd ^ Mirror £$ M h " 

sZdard colors™"^ 16 *" m ° dern *"*. and other 

Recess required for BW-4174 l'i» -j 

and 4" deep. 4J/4 ] A Wlde - 1'-6% W high, 

Recess required for BW-437R l'i« ■_, 

and 4" deep. 4J/b ] " ] Wld ©< 2'-3%" high, 

Recess required for BW-417R ?'<«/» 

and 4" deep. 4d/8 2 " 2 % w ' d e, ]'-9" high, 





! " 


_j_J' ] 

1 1 

i * 

i i i 




Medicine Cabinets 
and Bathrnnm Seat 

The medicine cabinets illustrated above are the conven- 
tional type which have been in popular demand in re- 
cent years It is a type that is not readily affected by 
lR'' n v gi 9 n ^ ^ions. The mirror size of these designs fa 
lb x ZU . The cabinets are completely equipped with 
hardware, and are furnished in white enamel Fur 
nished m other colors on request. 

Closed View 

Bilt-Well Bathroom Seat is a unique device by 
which a seat may be provided without perma- 
nently occupying floor space. It is a disappear- 
ing seat that folds into the wall and is one of the 
most appreciated conveniences for the modern 

Recess required for BW-4380 is 2 '-9" wide, 2'- PA" hiah 
and 4 deep. '* yi1. 

Recess required for BW-4382 is l'-8" wide, 2'-0V 4 " hiqh 
and 4 deep. q "*««- 

and? deep irSd ^ BW " 4390 is l '~ 2 " wide ' 2*-5%" high, 

Open View 



The illustration at the top of the opposite page 
shows the latest idea in bathroom cabinets. At 
the left is the same cabinet with doors open to 
show its handiness for keeping toilet articles, etc. 
It is made for a regular lavoratory size 20" x' 24". 

In the lower left-hand corner of the opposite 
page, a set of Bilt-Well Cabinets is illustrated 
at each side of a lavoratory. These are made 
in standard height of 2'-7" to conform with the 
height of the lavoratory. These cabinets may be 
obtained 15", 18", or 21" wide. 

In the lower right-hand corner of the opposite 
page, we show a very handy cabinet in which 
to keep bathroom linens. The cabinet is re- 
cessed in the wall. Required recess is 3'-0" 
wide, 6'-9" high, and l'-4i/ 2 " deep, for which 
space is usually available at the end of the 
bath tub. 

Bilt-Well Dressing Table, BW-4398 is intended to - 
serve as a modern bathroom convenience This 
cabinet is 4'-6" long; l'-3y 2 " deep; and 2'-5" high. 
(Does not require a recess.) 

The illustration in the lower right-hand corner of 
this page shows a Clothes Chute Door and a 
Plumbing Access Door. These are standard Bilt- 
Well Doors made in size l'-0" x l'-4", for clothes 
chute door BW-4404, and l'-6" x 2'-0" for plumb- 
ing access door BW-4406. These designs include 
jambs but not the casing. 

BW-4400 shown in lower left-hand corner is a 
very attractive cabinet for bathroom linens 
The upper compartment contains a shelf behind 
the two doors, while the lower compartment is 
occupied by drawers. The size of this cabinet 
is 2'-4" wide; 9" deep; 5'-0" high. (Does not 
require a recess.) 

BW-4400 (below) 

BW-4404 (small door) 

BW-4406 (large door) 



Ironing Boards 

These Bilt-Well Ironing Boards are permanent fix- 
tures recessed into the wall. They keep the 
ironing board conveniently out of the way when 
not in use and present a neat appearance at all 
times. Their usual location is in the kitchen, but 
they are frequently installed in the sewing room 
or laundry. 

BW-4418 illustrated at the left is designed primarily for 
attachment to the wall in existing homes. It can be re- 
moved or relocated at will without altering the wall- 

The recess required for designs BW-4410 and BW-4414 is 
l'-2«/ 4 " x 6'-9" x 4" deep. 

Designs BW-4418 occupies a space on the wall l'-5y 8 " x 
S'-8i/ 4 " x 2i/ 4 ". 




Bilt-Well Millwork 


Archways (Cased) 89-90 

Astragals 88 

Bathroom Seats 139 

Blinds 46-47 

Bookcases 99-101 

Book Niche t 101 

Brackets 58 

Breakfast Nooks 107 


All-Purpose 108 

Bathroom 140-141 

Bedroom 137 

China _ 105-106 

Corner 104 

Custom-Made Kitchen 117-122 

Divider 108 

Economy-Kitchen 123-124 

Hanging Dining Room 105 

Hanging Kitchen 124 

Ironing Board 142 

H n ® n --- 135-136 

Medicine 138-139 

Nu-Style Kitchen 110-116 

Telephone 102 

Cabinet Sink Tops 116 

Corner Beads 88 

Cornice Moulds 88 

Dining Nooks 107 


Cabinet 122 

Clothes Chute 141 

Combination 59-61 

Exterior 42 44 

? Snch TA'~ , 78-80 

Garage (Overhead) 65 

Garage __ __" qq 

Interior 68 _ 80 

Mirror 75 

Plumbing Access __ 141 

Screen ~"~I" 63-64 

Storm g2 

Terrace '-'-""llllZlll 78-80 

Dram Boards 122 

Cabinet 122 

Drops -"""III"" 58 

Entrances 18-41 


Basement 54 

Garage Door 65-66 


IS Door 68-80 

OS Door _^ 18-41 

Sash 48-53 

Window 46-47 

Gate 58 

Louvres 51 

Mantels 94-97 

Mantel Shelves 98 

Porch Balusters 57 

Porch Columns 56 

Porch Newels 56 

Porch Rail 57 


Basement - 54 

Casement 48-53 

Clean-E-Ze 52 

Circle 51 

Octagon 51 

Storm 62 

Transom 51 

Shelving 122 

Shutters 46-47 

Sidelights 18-20 


Cabinet H6 


Balusters 126-134 

Crooks 126-134 

Easements 196 197 

Goosenecks 127 

Newels '"__ 126-134 

Rail 128-134 

Risers 128-133 

Treads 128-133 

Stairwork 126-134 


Dressing 140-141 

Thresholds 38 

Transoms /__ __ 18-23&33 

irellis 58 


Interior __ 81 _ 87 

Urns '___ 58 

Wardrobes 136 _ 137 

Wall Covering 91-92 

Wall Panelling 91-92 


Basement 54 

Double Hung 46-47 

Screens 64